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    Chinese claim over South China Sea has no legal basis

    Philippines had earlier (in 2013) moved to the International Tribunal objecting to China's claim over the South China Sea. A five-member panel has now given the ruling rejecting China's claim. The said ruling is a massive victory to Philippines, which had filed the case in 2013 challenging the so-called nine-dash line that China has been using to claim virtually the entire South China Sea. Manila opposed it because it infringes upon its own 200-mile exclusive economic zone.

    However, it may be stated that China did not contest the case, and it has now outrightly rejected the verdict. Although the verdict is not enforceable, it is a major diplomatic setback for the Asian super-power.
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    To understand the issue raised in the thread, it is imperative to know as to what is a 'exclusive economic zone'. As per 'United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea' , the countries have special rights over the sea zone falling within 370.4 kilometers (200 nautical miles) from the baseline for exploration, use of marine resources and production of water / wind energy.
    Territorial waters or a territorial sea is the sea zone which extends only up to 22.2 Kilometers (12 nautical miles) from the base line. The countries have full sovereignty over territorial waters whereas in the case of exclusive economic zone, it is just 'sovereign right' below the surface of the sea. The surface waters are always international waters.
    The ruling of the Permanent Court of Arbitration against China's territorial claims in Philippines v. China case is not enforceable. China is insisting that any resolution should be through bilateral negotiations with other claimants.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The ruling has economic and diplomatic significance for India also. India has been consistently trying to increase its economic and diplomatic presence in the locality against strong resistance of China. Now India's effort will get more boost.
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    I read this means today on a news paper. I get to know that as it was not ruled by Chinese kingdom, so they should not demand that place as their area. There is huge crude oil and natural gas is available fro which Chinese Government acquired that as well as they have made a defense base over there.
    And now after the decision of tribunal they are not ready to accept that. My suggestion is if even after order of tribunal Chinese Government not leave that place for Philippines and other near by countries then There should be some action taken by International court and law.

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    #571187: International Court of Justice, which is headquartered at the Hague, is basically an international body for arbitration. The ruling of this Court is not legally binding on any country.
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