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    My number pattern/observation even in awarding cc.

    Recently ME has organized 4 me contests on page, music, mango and logo. Out of 4 results of first three are announced and as usual my eyes only goes to numbers and this time it is with my cc.

    For the first contest on page I got 150, the second contest on music I got 50, the last two digits of first and for the third contest on mango I got 15 the first two digits of first cc.

    I cannot stop observing the numbers and thanks to ISC that I got platform to show my love towards numbers.
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    Good numbers 150, 50 and 15. What about the last contest 'Me. the Logo of ISC"? Can we expect 150-50 = 100 or 15x5 =75 or 150/15 =10 ?
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    A prize or award always fascinates irrespective of the age and status of the individual. Participants of all contests wait eagerly for announcement of the results and carry out different types of calculations.
    As far as the thread raised by the author is concerned, it may just be a coincidence and nothing else. On the basis of the previous results, nothing can be predicted about the next result. Perhaps, it would have been better, if the author had posted her final analysis after the declaration of the result of the last contest also as then the analysis would have been complete.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Deleted as the content was meant for other thread.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    What is the connection between this thread and the movie ? Have you jumped the thread?

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    Don't take it serious. This is just time pass. The trend now is downward. So if the pattern relationship is taken, it has to reach the lowest and then curve up. 150 to 50 is reduction by two third. In that trend two third of 15 that is 10 has to be reduced and the next number may be 5. The other pattern of using two digits of 150 at a time the chain can be 150 -->50-->15-->10.
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    Thanks for the mathematical patterns given by Venkiteswaran one as 5 and other as 10.

    Even sun has predicted this 10 in one pattern but they are using the three operators of mathematics that is minus, multiplication and division.

    But sometimes, while announcing there may be different kind of money also after the announcement thread, based on number of threads, and reduction of winners from 2 to 1 and hence it may be using other operator say plus and hence it may be 150+50=200.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Sun (#571155) - Corrective action taken. Thank you.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I really appreciate the observation skill of the author and she is always fascinated by the numbers and its relevance to her. I would like to know whether her house address and also telephone number has some coincidence ?
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