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    Would you accept E-Invitation?

    Earlier days, people used to distribute invitation cards for any important functions they had like wedding, house warming, naming ceremony etc. Though a simple invitation card, they would get it printed in large amount to share it with their relatives, friends etc. But now slowly people are shifting to E-invitation. Most of them print cards in limited quantity and share E-Cards with everyone through various modes. With this they save money, time of travelling everyone's place. Some people might like the idea of E-cards while others might feel its fine as they are invited for the party.
    Would you attend the party if someone invited you through Whatsapp or FB? Or would you expect to receive a invitation card personally?
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    Actual participation in an event is not based on either of printed cards, WhatsApp, Facebook or email messages. People take decision on their own depending upon the relationships (and sometimes other factors also) to participate or not. There may be cases when certain very close persons may drop in even without any invitation.
    Generally, the very close one are involved in the event since its planning stage itself and therefore they are fully aware of the event and often contribute also in one way or the other in organization of the function.
    However, many invitations are sent just as a formality. Sometimes the hosts themselves wish that if certain relative who is cantankerous in nature, is not participating, then it is better.
    Thus the participation is not dependent upon the mode of invitation. In case only formal invitation is sent through either of the above mentioned modes and the same is not followed up by the host periodically at least few times through phone calls or personal visits etc., then it is better to not to attend such functions.

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    I do not have issue or problem for receiving an E-invitation, as now days the life has changed, also we stay far from our friends and relatives. Also I have experienced how difficult to distribute all cards during this function, as one person or many person need to visit all of the houses, I feel waste of time, waste of money and labor. Although this is an old tradition because most of people were staying near by and was easy to reach all of them. I do not mind to receive, but I do not offer every one e-invitation, and as per the preferable guest we decide whether to invite through card or phone or any other method.

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    Despite the printed invitation cards, people expect the hosts to come home and extend the invitation personally. Also, they expect the concerned couple at their home. If only a gentleman visit the home to extend an invitation, only the gentleman of that house would visit the function.
    Anyone who has true love and affection would attend the function with a simple phone call. No SMS or E-mail or E-invitation would be required.
    Frankly writing. I don't expect any formal invitation card or mail. A simple phone call would make my presence in the function.

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    I would prefer E -invitations rather than the printed cards. It will be helpful in saving money and more importantly, the environment.

    In fact, with so many modes of communications being available for almost everyone regardless of the financial condition, I guess it is high time all of us shift to E-cards only.

    I would not mind it if someone sends me an E card for a function or a ceremony. Actually, I would congratulate the person concerned for taking such an initiative.

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    I think we should change as per the the change of time and trends. We should not stick to the old tradition. If marriage invitation is sent by social media, surely it can be accepted as the message is sent to you directly and that amounts to personal visit only. Given the tight schedule for every one, there is no time to print wedding cards and distribute the same personally. But for some elders of the family we have the tradition to invite them personally through Tambulam and then only they would accept the invitation. For others E- invitation is the best and we can chose different styles and colors and that would be interesting to share for invite.
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    The times are changing and people are getting adapted and used to the new ways. One such change has come over the method of invitation too. But personally, I would not like to go for a function by solely getting invited through social media. I would like to get a personal invitation either through phone or by directly coming to my house. I don't want a printed invitation card, but social media invitation seems something very impersonal for me. I believe relationships are made strong by communication and we would like to attend any function based on our relationship with the person. And any relationship requires effort to be maintained, especially today, where people are shrinking more and more to their shells. They are always seen interacting with people in the virtual world rather than the ones who are physically near them. So what would happen if even invitations are made online? So I prefer personal invitation any day!

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    Personally,I would prefer I would receive an invitation personally rather than an e invitation since it would mean the person inviting me was really wanting me to come and hence took the effort to invite personally.E invitations can be sent at the click of a button to everyone ,including friends,relatives and faraway relations.
    But,takng the effort to invite personally in a busy schedule feels very nice.

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