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    How market up and down happen?

    How market up and down happen? This time I think market is down for IT persons in India due to many reason but how it happen for world level.
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    Mr. Ssantosh kumar singh which market you are asking? Is it about share market? If your question is about share market then understood first. Market means most of people understand the index ( nifty and sensex). Which is combine of some number of stock . So when ever these limited stock fluctuate either in up or down the index also goes accordingly.
    Due to only fall in IT sector might not cause for market down, because in an Index there are various sectors are available like motor, oil& gas, cement, steel, banks etc.
    But if there will be fall sharply in IT sectors like TCS and Infosys stock then the index might goes down if it does not get help from other stock.
    And about world market down, when ever there is a bad news regarding economy down fall, then there will be panic selling, no buyer will available which causes whole world market going down.

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    The share market always behave either plus or minus due to various factors. If there is political turmoil, the share market would have greater impact, if the oil prices in International market are down, then the shares will have effect. Likewise the election results and the impact of large party not getting seats would also have effect on share market. But what I feel that share market is truly gambling. The companies which are performing and seems to be profiting may not be true. The companies pay the news papers and channels to say good progress about them and that cannot be taken as real progress. So we must be careful and invest.
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    Though the stock market often fluctuates sentimentally also, but basically it is not a cup of tea of a common man. The big players who know the ins and outs of the market play in the field which is speculative in nature. The amateurs also dabble and sometimes they gain and often they lose.
    However, nowadays market is technology driven. Technology is evolving day by day. People in IT like sectors are likely to lag behind in case they are not able to keep themselves updated.
    Developing countries like ours are playing only the second fiddle. IT companies in developed countries like US are eating the cream and we are drining the butter milk only. We have not yet been able to muster enough resources to invest in original R&D.
    The Indian IT companies are dispatching their teams to US for following the given instructions and Indians who have received education in US are working for giants like Microsoft, IBM, Apple etc. in their R&D establishments and getting a piece of the cake.
    Technological innovations and inventions set the trends in the market.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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