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    What is the number refer beside the forum response

    Every time while responding at forum or when I read the response of other I found a number showing there. (571175 ) like this. What does it mean? Is it the total number of response till the time member has given in ISC forum or anything else?
    My last response showing around 5 lakh number, if it is the total number of respond so it is amazing that with in 7 year there are around 5 lakh response means every year there is 500000/7= 71000
    and if we again divide it for every day then 71000/365= 195 response every day.
    It indicating that now days many people are active in this forum section
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    You know that ISC has been celebrating the 9th year of establishment and so far we have nearly eight lakh members as registered one and many are coming after left the site and some are very active. So the number what we see against every response is the total number of responses ISC has received till date . The numbers are given for easy identification of threads when the necessary comes for any clarification or verification. Previously the numberings were not done and locating the sought after response was cumbersome process. Hence our webmaster Tony has introduced this wonderful feature of numbering and the work gets progressed.
    K Mohan
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    Any content posted in ISC bears a system generated serial number. Even new threads bear a serial number which appears in the url of the thread e.g. serial number 146789 assigned to this thread is appearing in the url.
    It can be seen that in the url of forum, ask experts and articles sections, the words 'forum', 'experts' and 'resources' are appearing after which a serial number is appearing.
    Thus any content posted in ISC bears a serial number to organize the contents as a computerized system always functions.

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    Almost all the content on ISC has a serial number associated with it. Same goes for the forum threads and responses. The serial number of the other content is not visible, but the forum section has it visible to make the task of citing from the previous responses easier.

    The number you see is the sequence of the response that has been posted. It is not limited to a particular member - but the total number of responses posted by all the members put together.

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    You will wonder with the following statistics if I am right.

    Number of Forum messages posted by members - 1,46,795
    Number of Forum responses posted by members -(look at this response 5,71,220)
    Number of Resources (Articles) submitted at ISC - 1,70,026
    Number of Ask expert questions asked - 41,781
    Number of Job vacancies posted - 3,98,936

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    On seeing the job vacancies figures, it seems to be whooping and Pramod must have been major contributor. But what I fear that most of the jobs must have expired or the time would have been over. Is there any mechanism to remove old job posts ?
    K Mohan
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    Sun and K Mohan - do not deviate from the thread topic. The query is related to the forum responses alone. We are not discussing stats of other sections or even other aspects of the forum.

    Timmappa Kamat - I don't think all the content at ISC has a number. It is there only for forum responses, not for forum threads, articles, article responses, ask expert answers, etc.

    The numbers are indeed there for ready reference. It helps to alert editors to a particular response. For example, if there is a response of a member in a thread related to an article and there are no other responses, I can simply forward the thread URL to the editor. However, if there are multiple responses & one particular one needs to be attended to, then I will give the response number too.

    I do not know how exactly the number system works though. That is some technical aspect known only to the Webmasters. It is an interesting query raised in this thread!

    Managing Editor,

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    As far as I understand, every response posted in forum section is assigned a reference number and it is incremented one by one. As you see in this thread itself, the reference numbers are getting incremented but not one by one. Because, the responses that are getting posted for other threads are also counted with the same reference number. Simply, if your reference no for your response is 5000001 means, your response is the 5000001th response in this site forum section.
    Sudarmani S,
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    A correction to my response #571280 - there is indeed a number for articles and AE questions & other similar main posts as stated by Timmappa (apologies to him!). However, these appear in the URL in the browser and not against the post as it does here for a forum response.
    Managing Editor,

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    (Though not directly answering this thread, I would like to give some info which may interest some members and give idea about ISC of a few years back).

    Over the time like in anything, ISC also had undergone many changes. These changes were made from the suggestions and feedback of members and/or by the webmasters by suitable upgrade and alignment to required situations.
    In that we lost some user-friendly features and gained some more convenient and better ones too.
    When I joined ISC there was a reference facility archives which was a arrangement of all threads in chronological order with the reference number of thread in ascending order. The same were available as a group of 200 threads under one sub head.

    I had greatly benefited from that facility as it was easy to refer back a thread if we had it in our vague memory. It was also interesting to refer at random and arrive at some treasures. I was the doing some R&D for knowledge and time-pass.

    I am attaching the screen shot of a(old) page in ISC showing archives.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.


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    By giving the statistics, I wanted to say that it is not only forum with its responses to wonder , but also to wonder with the number of Articles submitted, Ask expert questions asked and Job posts posted by members of busy ISC.

    No intention to deviate the thread topic. What else is there to discuss in this thread except to wonder the responses of ISCian?

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    Sun, the objective of the thread gets diluted if we bring the additional info that is indeed unneeded with respect to that particular thread. The author of the thread wants to know about the meaning and the need for the numbering of forum threads and responses. Let us stay on topic.
    Live....and Let Live...!

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    The good author has raised this thread with a question mark and answered herself as to what the number is meant for. She has clearly come out with the responses posted per day at ISC. There is nothing more for discussion in this thread.

    No life without Sun ¤

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