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    Recent Dressing Trends of The Girls

    Hi Everybody,
    Today I wish to Discus about the changing dressing trends especially in Women......
    As the technology is changing, I think girls are forgetting what they are? I am not against girls, I love girl children but now I hate the dresses that the girl children wear.... Even the adults are not bothered about the dressing sense. Earlier even when parents were uneducated they used make their children wear a decent dress. But now all the parents whether educated or uneducated have lost the sense of decent wearing.

    A small girl kid will look so good and cute with only small frill frock or skirt or full skrit i,e zari langa etc. But These dresses are not to be seen now. They just wear tight pants or skin tight leggings or low waist pants etc with deep neck in both sides.... Really my friends it looks sooooo oddddd. Even married ladies wear such odd dresses. Please change according to the technology but not our senses. We can wear many decent dresses in pants only.

    Oh My dear friends!!!!!!!!

    [WE ARE NOT EQUAL TO MEN BUT WE ARE MUCH MORE SUPERIOR TO MEN] So its in our hands to maintain every thing. So please try to change and also change your kids also.Bring up with modern trend but with decent looking dresses............
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    You should try to make a time machine probably so as to stay in the time where you found the dresses to be nice?

    Humans have a tendency to miss what is gone, our minds are designed to oppose change - dresses, sexual orientations, music, movies, hairstyles and I can go on and on!

    You might not find the fashion of today tasteful and nobody can force you to, neither should anyone! But do understand change is part of nature, people who don't/can't move with time shouldn't think that the new generation has it all wrong. Every generation will have its own trends and will find the taste of its new generation unacceptable.

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    People dress the way they like and its nine of our business to interfere in their matter. Everyone will know what is right and what is wrong. You might not like today's dressing style but it doesn't mean it looks awkward. If someone is comfortable in what they are wearing, let them be. If you don't like then don't wear, nobody is forcing you and we can't force anyone. A small kid will look cute what ever she wears be it frock or pants or anything and let kid enjoy that age rather than thinking how to dress and how not to dress. Nobody will sense any awkwardness in what a small child is wearing. So let's be the way we want to be and let people be the way they want rather than passing comments.

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    I think the author is correct with the change in dressing trend. If this trend continues, no doubt, we will see the centuries old trend that has been depicted in our sculptural arts in temples and old books. Have you seen the dress worn by Sita of Ram. Have you seen the dress worn by Sakuntala. I am not talking about the filmy Sita and Sakuntala but the art portrayed by the artists of the past.

    I feel that the body parts and the size of body parts especially the chest, hip, thigh and legs which has sex appeals should never be made more attractive with ill fitting dresses outside the home.

    No life without Sun ¤

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    I do agree with the author that dressing sense among the girls are increasing towards more revealing than closing the body for which the dress was worn. The author made the right submission that in those days the parents were illiterate and still had the sense of responsibility and advised their girl child to wear clothes that should cover up the body. Moreover what is the necessity of wearing scant clothes. Are they wearing for themselves or for others to appreciate and enjoy. What I feel that a girl looks more beautiful with total attire of clothes and there is no secondary thoughts on that. Hope this thread will bring some thoughts in them to change their attitude.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Well, you dress to be comfortable. What you wear should be what you like. Forcing your own ideas of a dress code on others would not be a practical idea.

    Change is inevitable and we should respect the youth who go with times rather than confining them to the preconceived notions.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    Prior to Muslim rule also when India was independent, women were free to choose dresses of their choice. We can see the examples in the depiction of various characters in the classical texts. However during the period when Indians were unfortunately not free, the pattern got changed and women had to resort to wearing more conservative dresses mostly covering their whole body from the head to toe so as to protect themselves from the tyranny of the foreign rulers.
    After independence, Indian women have again got freedom to choose what to wear and what not.
    Also with the globalization, it became possible to know about the cultures and trends of other countries, which also affected the dressing sense.
    I think it should be a matter of pride that we are now free and therefore are in position to decide about our own selves including what to wear and what not.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    There is nothing wrong with having an opinion, but suggesting others to follow what you think is right, can be regarded as boorish and uncultured.

    I always walk/run anticlockwise (as I did in school/college on the tracks), the others (where I live) walk/run clockwise. As a result, I keep crossing people over and over again on my walk/run. A few months back while I was on my evening walk, in my residential complex, a woman (married, with kids) taking a walk, coming from the opposite direction, crossed my path. (She is not someone I would call a modern woman because culturally she is still bound to her traditions.) I could make out the complete contours of her body, through her tight tank top. The maintenance staff (all men), sitting alongside the pump house were watching her. She crossed me, engrossed in the bhajans playing through her ear plugs.

    I walked a few metres, turned around, ran to her, tapped her on her shoulders in a bid to let her know that her body was on display through the tank top (I thought she might not be aware of what the tight fitting top was doing). She looked at me with disgust. Her reaction shocked me. She told me - vulgarism, is in our eyes - it is how we perceive things and that I had distracted her from her evening meditation and she was completely fine with how her body appeared through the top.

    The woman didn't stop at that, each time she crossed us (my husband and I) she would stop right in our path and do stretching exercise that accentuated the top half of her body even further. She continued doing this throughout the evening.

    I must add here that after that encounter, I didn't see the woman again, for many weeks. She changed her walk timings. I recently changed my routine, since my daughter is home and found her walking at a different hour from her usual time. She avoids me (or so it seems), jumps on the sidewalk instead of walking on the road when she sees me approaching. Disappears after one round, if I am on the road and has started walking in the morning, as I observed from my balcony. Maybe, she went home and checked herself in the mirror and realized what a fool she had made of herself.

    I am now of the opinion that it is best to let people dress the way they want to. Why get distraught over how someone chooses to dress? Ignore them.

    A fool will always try to make sense of his nonsense!

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    That is a really interesting story. And that proves the uselessness of pointing fingers at others as far as proper dressing sense is concerned.

    If someone is looking vulgar, let them be. They will realise what they look like one day and change their ways.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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