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    How many of you check your statcounter report?

    2 days back I register at Today while checking some information I found that most of my traffic generated is through ask expert question, although I have participated in many forum, some resource response, but why that is not showing at statcounter visit list.
    Is it mean in 2days there is no visitor, or the visitor list only show under the forum post creator? CAn any one explain me how does this statcounter actually works?
    How it will affect to our traffic or it is just for our information?
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    I have a statcounter account activated for many other sites, but I am yet to activate for my profile on ISC.

    And yes, I regularly check my statcounter reports to get to know what exactly am I lacking in.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    I have never used statcounter till date. I had noticed it in the dashboard but never showed much interest on it. I feel it's better we use it to know the traffic and the area we are lagging behind. I will also register and use it from now.

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    I receive a mail in the mid night of Sunday-Monday from regularly as I have activated my account. Initially I used to go through the report, but later lost interest in the same.
    My focus so far has not been on earning, therefore I never indulge myself in the luxury of being curious about the related issues and features.
    I will wait for responses from other knowledgeable ISCians to know more about the earning potential of contents posted in different sections of ISC.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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