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    Learn how to write web content for free

    Here you will earn a certificate on successful completion of the four week course. The course is comprehensive, meaning that it will markedly change how you write online articles.
    Unlike other free courses you get to receive a transcript showing the total marks you
    scored in each of the four modules and your total average mark. Apart free this course we have so many others to chose from. Yes, the certificate cannot be used in your normal job search
    but the course will definitely make you somewhat self employed as an online content writer.
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    Thanks for the information, Mr. Ndungu. I will definitely check the site mentioned by you.
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    Partha Kansabanik you don't know how grateful I'm to here that I have helped one person in As you can see the purple ads don't appear in this message. I checked by writing one more which confirmed like they have been turned off.

    Your motto is very unique.

    My very last message as you might have seen came out as a master piece of sorts. To cap it all when I fed it into Facebook, instead of the usual globe logo, the photo of the web master was in its place.

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    This is the useful information you have provided. Surely those who want to try web content, should try this test and secure good marks and certification so that it can be added advantage to their career.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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