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    Comfortable in sharing things only with mom

    I have seen in most of the cases where children share anything and everything with their mom. How much ever close dad can be to a child, but a child will share many things only with mom and not with dad. I am very close to my dad but I am comfortable sharing only with mom and same with my husband and my friends too.
    I always keep wondering why is it like that? Have you also noticed such things?
    Dad might be very close to his child, but he cannot compete with his wife in this matter.
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    Mothers and fathers have their well defined roles. Same is the case with other family members like siblings, children and spouse. All of them play their respective roles. There is no need to get confused between the roles of the two.
    Mother-daughter relationship is said to be the strongest one emotionally. Despite talks about gender equality etc. there do exist certain differences between the genders. Therefore few gender specific issues are best shared between the individuals of the same gender only, the mother daughter duo included.
    As an adult there are few things which can be shared with spouse only and cannot be shared with any other individuals.
    In traditional societies, the women used to develop a special kind of bonds among themselves which used to serve as a bridge to cross certain unfortunate situations.
    There are certain common causes of concerns for all mothers e.g. their love and affection for their own children. Such issues can be shared only with those who are able to understand the same.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Yes I do understand that mother is the best friend to a child and she is more close to a girl child. Though father is liked by the girl child, some personal sharing is done only to the mother and that is the reason being so girls wont forget the mothers that easily.
    K Mohan
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    I feel that mothers have a tendency to be more patient and understanding and will actually be listening to what you have to say, while Dads are likely to be giving maybe half a ear, so to say. Mothers also will likely discuss all aspects of what you have shared, will ask questions and then give some advice. Dads will more likely simply say 'Ok' and give a one line advice. That one-liner may have far more depth than the mother's detailed advice, but feel like as though he didn't listen to a word of what you said & was not taking you seriously! Thus, even though you do share an equal loving bond generally with both your mother and father, you somehow feel it is best to approach your mom to share something.
    Managing Editor,

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