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    Even beggars getting frustrated if we wont given them the alms ?

    When I was waiting for my son's bus to the college, a woman beggar who is regular was seen seeking alms and surely not every one would oblige , but she gets frustrated if we fail to give and even scolds us. That kind of frustration I have seen for the first time. As per law of average says that out of five one would be success and same principle applies here. If she is approaching five people for alms, one may oblige and four may reject and for that she should not get dejected and show the frustration with scolding. What is your observation on this.
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    Who is not a beggar and who is not getting frustrated.
    As a matter of fact the beggars exploit the emotions/sentiments of people who are not having adequate confidence on their own selves. Such people seek divine intervention in the form of soothsaying words spoken by the beggar like individuals to compensate for their inadequacies. By spending a pittance in the form of giving alms to the beggars, the individuals attempt to buy peace or even get a job or win a court case.
    The beggars occupy strategic positions near temples, railway/bus stations or courts etc. where generally something is at stake for the visiting individuals.
    Many able bodied persons collect alms to enjoy drink in the evening or throughout the day.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    But what about nagging beggars who are regulars and yet create a scene in front of on lookers much to the annoy of citizens.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    I do not support begging so Mostly I don't give money to them but if any person demand for food etc then I give him food.

    Begging being one type occupation and converting to different crimes.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    I have come across beggars who get frustrated and start scolding. Even the young one's are bold enough and they start hitting or pinching the if person who denied to give money is shy and silent in nature. And this nature becomes even more irritating for others and they will also not give anything. Also I don't entertain beggars. If they are physically fit and capable, then I don't give anything. I only give money to someone who is old and someone who is not physically fit to work. Nobody should entertain beggars as everyone can do one or the other work for their living.

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    If you happen to see a young man/ woman begging who are otherwise fit physically, they are not be obliged with money. However, we are all human beings and may be moved with their constant cry forcing us to denote something. Under that condition, if we do have some food in our possession, we may offer the same so that we get some solace of such kind of act.
    In fact, we need to differentiate the beggars who are weak, fragile and physically challenged and the other who are blessed with excellent physique coupled with sound mental health. The later should not be not be encouraged by offering any cash or kind so that they do not join this easy way of earning.

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