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    Did you know Sita performed head bath to Hanuman . Read this.

    After the war was over as Ram and Sita alongwith Lakshmana return to Ayodhya, surely there was big welcome and Lord Ram was reinstated as King. Well every one was basking in the glory of return of Ram from exile for fourteen years, Sita was thinking to honor Hanuman who was instrumental in their life. She wants Hunuman to have head bath. But he wont listen. She says that this is Ram's order and Hanuman was being hold tight by Lakshman and Shatrughan on either side and Sita finishes applying oil on Hanuman head. After the bath, he was given with cloths by Ram and Sita and other brothers adore Hanuman with jewels and thus he looks Sundar. That means he looks handsomely good. That is the reason so Valmiki Ramyan names Hanuman episode as Sundara Kaandam.
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    Does it mean that Hanuman never had a head bath in his life prior to this bath? Head bath (Oil bath) is taken only after the death of our own relatives. Bathing is ones own affair. It should not be under the compulsion of someone. I don't know why Sita wanted Hanuman to take bath. What I feel is - Sita treated Hanuman as his son, and a mother would always try to give bath to her son.

    But I disagree with your Sundar Hanuman and Sundarakaantam.

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    I have never heard any such story as there is no concept of 'head bath' as a bath distinct for the normal bath for males in north India. In the 'Ram Charit Manas' authored by the great poet Tulsidas, there is no mention of any head bath. However all such stories revolve around the unparalleled devotion of Hanuman for Ram.
    Many Ram Katha Vachaks (mythological story tellers) amalgamate their own imagination while narrating stories to the audience of listeners to make the story interesting as well as easy to understand by them. They cite examples and relate the story to the day to day common examples.
    Perhaps the story cited by the author relates to the common observation in the families when children tend to delay taking bath on one pretext or the other. Hanuman may be delaying taking his taking bath as that would have compelled him to leave the company of the Ram albeit for a short period.

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    I have also never heard of this head bath thing. Mr. Mohan please could you refer the book and the section of the book from where you got this fact. This is altogether a new information I have learnt.

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    I have not heard about the fact mentioned by Mr. Mohan. The fact is not there in the versions of the Ramayana I have read.
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    I know that this would be new information for all that is why it is shared here. And here the motherly affection of Sita is being bestowed on Hanuman and hence it must be taken in that spirit. How the name of Sundara Kandam came is the thrust here. And this information was shared in Zee Tamil channel.
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    Do you know that Hanuman took birth with a Langode (A piece clothe covering his private part), a golden holy thread ( cross belt ) and a Gaddha ( A fighting tool) in his hand. He had all the above when he came out of his mother Anjana's womb. It was a desire of Hanuman and a request to Lord Viswakarma to fulfill it.

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    A small correction sun Ji, head bath (oilbath) is being taken by many on the good occasion also. For example on the day of marriage the bride and bridegroom should take oil bath, on the day of diwali we are taking oil bath. However the matter told by Mohan sir is news to me. Good sharing!

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    I don't know what's there to discuss about this topic when nobody will furnish any proof to support their statement. Whatever our Gods did is just written in books but most of them are still not proved. It will take time to do some research before claiming anything.

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    Mythological stories are totally based on faith and belief. The authenticity of any statement is to be cross checked with one or two other sources.

    Coming to the point putforth by the author, it is true that Hanuman was decorated after the oil bath and looked so cute and handsome. At this juncture, Lakshman smiles and hanuman feels belittled. Everyone was finding their own reasons for his smile and Lord Rama insisted for the reason. Lakshman told that after 14 years, he has yawned which is an indication that he should have a sound sleep. As we all are aware that Lakshman has guarded his brother and sister-in-law without sleep for 14 years and he got a bliss from the Goddess of sleep not to have a sleep during the period of exile.


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    As Sun mentioned, I also disagree with the link to Sundarakandam. Sundarakaandam comes before the war and return of Sita.(at least in the version of Ramayana I have seen)
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    As per the great epic Ramayana, after the return to Ayodhya, Lord Ram is said to have honoured Hanuman with his 'aalingan' (hug) which was the only thing that could ever make Hanuman feel really happy and nothing other than that could have been the best and satisfying honour for him as his devotion for the Lord is unmatched. On the other hand, Sita's love and respect for Lord Ram is also something which we all would be knowing. She is a lady who is much devoted to her husband. This being the case, I do not believe that she would have decided to separately honour Hanuman and especially that she forced him to accept it by saying that it was Ram's order to do so!

    And yes, the Sundarkand part justification is also absurd for the same reason as stated by Venkiteswaran ji.

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