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    Why can't biometric devices are not used as voting machines?

    As you see before voting we will have ink mark on our index finger and then press the button of the electronic voting machine to avoid replication or duplicate voting or rigging we use this process. why can't we use bio-metric like devices which can act as electronic voting machines so that there will be no duplicate voting and the accuracy and transparency of voting will also get increased.Why can't Bio-metric devices are not used for voting purpose as the only thing we need to take the finger prints or impression of the voters as election process (before the Election begins).Knowledgeable members please respond to the question.
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    Theoretically through use of biometrics even remote voting is possible by authentication as in the case of e-filing of income tax returns. Aadhar card system already has a database of the biometrics of the individuals including iris scan. The voters may visit the nearest polling booth and sit on a seat putting his/her fingers on a scanning machine and looking toward the camera. The scanning machine may have many buttons one each for every contestant of the election. The voter may put his fingers on the button corresponding to the candidate of his choice. The system will identify the voter as well record his/her vote. After casting the vote, the centralized system will lock the voters identity for subsequent voting in the same elections.
    The buttons may bear the photographs of the contestants for easy identification.
    Many such other possibilities exist which will perhaps be introduced also in future when the population will grow to such an extent the the cost of the conventional voting will surpass the GDP of the nation.

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    All that is not needed (photographs e.t.c) only thumb impression is enough and the impressions will not match the others.As the electronic devices are getting cheap day by day in coming days it will become a reality(the use of biometric devices in election process). Lets wait and see.
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    That can be a possibility with the advancement of technology. In fact, the author has indeed come up with a brilliant idea.

    The current EVMs - the Electronic Voting Machines themselves can be modified to get the finger print analysis of the voter. You will need a centralised server for the purpose of managing the finger print data so received so that subsequent voting by the same person can be made invalid ( or impossible rather).

    Hopefully, we can see the advanced EVMs in the near future.

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    Thank you Timappa for your acknowledgement.In fact the pegasus T-8 Biometric reader do take our photos and store it in the memory.
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    When the pension for poor families and the subsidy refund for gas refill can be done through Aadhar linked transaction, definitely it is feasible to introduce biometric system in our voting methodology and the AVMs can be modified accordingly. I doubt, our political party leaders would support the move as the present AVM system is not a foolproof method and there are some doubts about its accuracy and probable manipulation of results are still being raised by many.

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    Well, those are valid fears,Jagdish. There have been many complaints of EVMs being rigged in certain sensitive polling booths. Besides, there have also been a few complaints about the EVMs being preprogrammed in favour of a particular candidate.
    Moreover, indian electorate has always been apprehensive of the modern technology used in the electoral process. The aversion is more evident in backward areas in some states. In such a situation , I would expect stern protest against making biometrics a reality as far as electoral process.

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    The author suggestion is good and it gives total transparency to election process, but the problem is the time consumed on such techniques when put to use. We know that in some poling booths the voting machine wont function and election process put to hold. When bio metric system is introduced, the voters are made to wait for much time in queue and that frustration may turn negative and they may go back without casting their valuable vote. But once for all if the bio metric details are taken by house to house visits and given a definite note on that surely the elections wont be marred with bogus voting and rigging. Like Aadhaar card issue was done bio metric details can be taken from house to house as done by AP government right now for further and future uses by the government.
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