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    Why Nitrous oxide is called as a laughing gas?

    When I was in school days I heard about two chemical substance attributes of gases that laugh us and tears us one is Nitrous oxide and the other one is Chlorobenzalmalononitrile (C10H5ClN2) as the tear gas is commonly used in to disperse the mob who are doing agitations and it will get water from your eyes that is why it is termed as tear gas.Do the Nitrous oxide will have ability to laugh us?Why this name came for this chemical substance.Knowledgeable members please respond to the question.
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    Nitrous oxide (N2O) causes a tingling sensation in the neck of a person. So the person starts giggling and laughing. This is the reason why Nitrous oxide is called laughing gas. It is generally used as mild sedative.
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    Inhalation of nitrous oxide causes euphoria i.e. a state in which the individual experiences pleasure and feeling of well-being and happiness.
    It was discovered in 1772 and was used in 'laughing gas parties' by the upper class Britishers around the year 1800.
    It is a gas, manufactured by decomposing ammonium nitrate by heating it in the range of 170 to 240 degree centigrade.
    A mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen is widely used for anesthesia in medical industry.
    I had opportunity of visiting few manufacturing units of nitrous oxide in my official capacity during my service period for the purpose of issuing safety licenses.

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    Nitrous Oxide gets into your blodd stream when inhaled. It affects the neural receptors and causes effects like Anesthesia, mild hallucinations and muscle relaxation. It is known to induce euphoric sensations.

    But, it would not make you laugh like it is shown in the TV series or movies, or even depicted in novels. The nervous system begins to work rather slowly and the social inhibitions are gone ( that is because the thinking ability is gone) and that could result in laughing.

    It does not always cause laugh. It may not induce laughing in some individuals. However, the person who inhales it can begin talking incoherently. More amount of inhalation can cause death if there is no scope for oxygen to be breathed in.

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