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    Why there are two stars (rating) present in the thread responses?

    If you observe the thread responses by different members there is name date which the response has posted and points that awarded for the post but if you carefully observe a unique future for all the members thread responses there are rating two stars are there?Why it is there? Is it just for a design? or Is there else behind that?Knowledgeable members please respond to the question.
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    The 2 stars are not just a design feature. They are given by the automated system on responding to a thread. Every response in every thread will get these 2 stars. In some responses you will see more stars or a grey star. The grey star is not good! It means that the member's response was irrelevant or inappropriate or in some way not adhering to forum posting guidelines. If you see more than 2 stars, it means a forum editor has used the rating feature and marked it as per the buttons that are visible to them for rating. The highest rating will see lots of stars (for excellent response). The goal of the stars is similar to badges and awards - to make the member feel proud that his/her response was exceptional and deserved an extra star!

    Every thread posted too gets one single star.

    Managing Editor,

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    The explanation of ME has also answered my question. So, from now on we should try to get more golden stars and avoid grey stars!
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    So far I have observed that the rating feature by awarding stars etc, is generally not used by the editors in routine. Instead outstanding threads are rewarded with cash credits.
    Similarly instead of awarding grey stars etc., the system of reducing the points, making the points zero and even awarding negative points is more prevalent.

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    #571272 Can you refer me a thread or an URL which are more than two stars or a grey star present.
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    Well, it could be a tough task. With so many threads and responses pouring in, it would be like searching for a pin in the haystack.

    Can't we do one thing? Let us be extra careful when post responses or create new threads. Who knows - we may get multiple stars on our responses!

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    Now I saw one thread which is posted recently a response had three stars response name is Kalpana. I found one
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    As Mr. Kailash Kumar mentioned in his response #571278, the process of changing 2 stars is rarely (maybe) used these days.

    To response #571303 by Mr. Bhushan, refer these threads in which you can find responses with grey star, three stars, four stars and even five stars.
    Grey Star for response #517321
    Three Stars for response #98635, Four Stars for response #98641, Five Stars for response #98699
    Also, Zero Stars (empty) are given for some responses and you can find them in the above thread.

    Let us continue learning.

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    And if you click the one star which is highlighted when a thread is raised, it goes to features section where in you can share the thread to be indexed by the Google if it suits the guidelines.
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    Krishna Teaja @ #571338,
    One thread you referred was just raining points, stars and cash credits.
    It was necessary to encourage members in those initial years of ISC. Now the motivating factors may be different and the 'stars' are mostly significantly in the awards and cash credits. The stars and rating may be a good impression for a stray and random visitor to visit the site and explore more.

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    Krishna Teja Yeluripati ( #571338 ) - Thank you for sharing. However I was not aware of any of those threads referred by you as I had joined ISC on 06.05.2015 only and all referred threads were raised prior to that.
    If possible, please refer any such thread which got enhanced rating by assignment of more stars etc. after 06.05.2015.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    A word of encouragement and a dose of testimony in this regard. There are many threads which are and were given even five stars and perfect ten points and cash credits. Please visit the links:
    #568172 in this thread-5 stars 10 points 10cc. #561498 5-10-10; #422632 .
    Not that, even a newbie had received maximum credits of 5 stars, 10 points and 10cc vide response#564765 in the highlighted thread.
    This response is given only to impress and reiterate that real quality and relevant to the context responses are given due share of deserving credit . Hence members be always ready to post good relevant contributions

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    Stars were raining when ISC was small in the earlier years. Now ISC has grown big and stars are not seen by the editors. You hardly find any three or more stars. Editors have no time to think about the stars.
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    A good quality content is bound to get instant accreditation no matter whether you post it in any section of the site. So the thumb rule should be to add more juice in your contribution and succeed in your ISC career.
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    Nice question raised by author and nice explanation by Vandana. I had no idea actually about this star method. Now I can understand and will be more serious to post appropriate reply so that I will avoid getting gray star, but while searching some of my response I found a response where I get four star. I am too much happy, that I can also become a good writer in future.

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