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    The child gender ratio and its effects

    Through this thread, I simply want to know the views of you about the child gender ratio in a family and its effects on the bringing up of children.
    Do you think that it does matters that how many kids are there in a family and even how many are boys and how many are girls. Although now days, most of the couples are planning for single child only but still there are some families who believe that a child must have sibling to live with.
    A boy and a girl in a family are considered as an ideal combination by most of the people.
    But what about families having 2 sons or 2 daughters and families having 2 sons with 1 daughter or 2 daughters with 1 son? Do you think that the upbringing of kids will be different in all these cases? This difference is not planned but it comes naturally and affects one's life a lot in one or another way.

    I have seen some cases where single boy among 2-3 sisters had great advantage in his early age and thus could not done good with his life in terms of career.
    I would like to know other's views based on their experience on the same.
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    Children are gift of the God and therefore the couples should be happy with whatever the God has bestowed them.
    However practically, it do makes difference. As the author herself has mentioned, the combination of one son and one daughter is the ideal one from several angles. In such a scenario, both the children while growing together learn about the behavior pattern etc. of the other gender which helps them in understanding such matters later while attending school and college etc. Such children may find it easier in connecting with classmates of opposite gender.
    In case of both the children being male, the atmosphere at home becomes different that what is the case when both the children are females. Generally the boys being more playful and extroverts, they spend comparatively more time outdoors and the atmosphere at home remain more open with less restrictions on visits of outside guests etc. On the other hand in case both the children are girls, then after they grow up, the atmosphere at home become more restrictive for obvious reasons.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I simply do not bother about this. I have a daughter. I am trying my best to nurture her properly. I case of a son also, my view would be same. I have seen gender equality among my relatives' families and I am also following this. However, nowadays we see smaller families simply because nowadays quality education comes at a considerable cost.
    No further comments.

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    Unless one is adopting kids, its not really in our control to manage the gender ratio of kids in the house. However, I would agree that a family of four with a daughter and son are ideal.
    In my limited interaction with people who are single children of their parents, I find there is a marked difference between their social interaction and inter personal skills as compared to someone who has grown up with siblings. Children with siblings often learn lessons about sharing, adjusting, caring, compromising etc. early in life if their parents provide the correct environment at home. This is not to say that single children don't, its just that they are not used to sharing space with someone and having a partner at all times.
    In general, while child ratios do affect the over all development of children, however there is no strict rule that follows when it comes to how it will affect them. It all depends on the precedent set at home by the parents and other family members who interact a lot with the family.
    In case of my own relatives I have seen that in most of the cases girls are given slightly preferential treatment as compared to the boys. As a result most of my cousin sisters are doing excellent in their respective fields while their brothers are comparatively struggling to match up to the precedent set by their sisters.
    I however personally feel that both son and daughters should be treated equally, and unhealthy sibling rivalry should be nipped and excessive comparison between siblings should be avoided by parents and other family members.


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    There is no definite statistics available on how the number of children and the ratio between boys and girls can affect upbringing. It largely depends on how parents choose to raise their children. If parents differentiate between their offspring then it can affect how children turn out. Some parents see no difference in raising their sons and daughter; they provide the same love, care and amenities to both. Some parents on the other hand show different attitudes in raising sons and daughters.

    The girl child suffers the most in families where disparity exists. I have been witness to incidents where if there is just one mug of milk, the same is kept aside for the son, rather than it being shared between the son and the daughter. I have seen mothers' tell their daughters not to eat a certain fruit because the son likes it. I have seen parents out shopping buy their son toys while reprimanding the daughter, telling her she already has many.

    I grew up with an older brother; we were given similar opportunities. My parents didn't discriminate between us. The result - neither of us went astray and we did well for ourselves. Both of us have one daughter each. We've given them the best that we could afford and never missed not having a son. Our daughters are our pride. My brother's daughter is a doctor in the US and mine is an engineer, from a premier institution in the country. They are successful young ladies and the absence of a sibling did not hamper their growth.

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