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    Shocking: Hundred snakes killed in Karachi zoo magic show!

    In a shocking event, around 100 snakes have been ruthlessly killed as part of a so-called magic show at the Karachi zoo. Titled as 'The snake-eating man', the stunt has attracted hundreds of visitors since the first day of Eid, as reported by the Pakistani newspaper, The Dawn.

    The snakes were killed by a performer who broke their necks with his teeth before skinning them, and tasting their blood dripping from their mutilated bodies. This act has been done in front of a large audience, mainly children. "I have been holding these shows in all major cities of the country for a long time. No government official has ever stopped or fined me on my acts," said performer Talib, who hails from Nawabshah in Sindh province of Pakistan.. The 31-year-old performer, also a snake hunter, has said the number of snakes in Pakistan had not declined over the years despite their frequent killing in his shows.

    More astonishingly, the Director of Karachi zoo has defended the magic show!
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    According to the Pakistan's wildlife ordinance of 1972, protected status is not granted to species like snakes, lizards or frogs etc. Also the subject of cruelty to animals is not covered in said ordinance.
    The 31 year old performer Talib has stated that he has developed immunity against snake poison and suffers no effects from a snake bite. He eats cobras and vipers, but the same are not easily available.

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    If we go by the logic of Chief Conservator, Sindh (mentioned by Mr. Kailash Kumar), we can kill cats, dogs and some other animals which are not protected! And the way of killing these unfortunate animals (snakes)! More astonishingly, young children were enjoying this bizarre show on the occasion of a festival! The zoo Director also defends the show. This means Karachi zoo collects snakes for killing them subsequently!
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    Shravan month will begin on July 20th, 2016 in India. Preparation for Naag Panchami or the festival of snakes has already started by the believers. Many snake charmers will throng the Indian streets with cobras and other snakes in cane baskets. Devotees will offer milk to the snakes.
    Such snakes are also subjected to cruelty. Their teeth are yanked out, venom ducts are pierced with a hot needle and sometimes their mouths are sewn shut.
    They spend miserable lives crammed inside a dark box.
    The people should take a decision to never to patronize snake charmers.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    That shows the inhuman nature of the so called humans. I strongly condemn this act from across the border.

    What is more disturbing is the way in which the act has been defended by the conservator of forests.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    It would have been better if the performer killed those snakes without pain. I am not against snakes but afraid of them. There are snakes which can fly (glide) [found in India also] and snakes which chase humans if disturbed. Not even in my dreams, I don't want to come across such snakes. And, the performer's story says he is bit by a snake when he is 7 years old and he punished the snake in the same way and that incident led to the deeds he is doing now. As Mr. Kailash Kumar mentioned, they may be living miserable lives, only the captured ones though. But, there is no need to show sympathy etc,.

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    If it was a magic show, the performer should kill the snakes first and then give life to those killed snakes. That's what called a magic. Merely killing a snake and tasting its blood is not a magic at all. It is a passionate action. Else, he should have multiplied the number of snakes. From 100 it should be made to 200 or more.

    A very low-class magician and his meaningless magic !

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    World Wildlife Federation and PETA should take action against this so called magician. I don't know what's magic in this act. It is pure cannibalism.

    I use to like magic shows and circus in my childhood but now I don't have any interest in it. These people torture animals and even kill them to earn money. After watching the Hollywood movie "The Prestige" I came to know about all the things these magicians do. I think every magic lover should watch this movie. Magic is nothing but a clever act using some tricks. There is nothing called magic in this world.

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    In civilised countries, Government would have taken action against the Director of the zoo for allowing such 'horror' show. But, that is done only in 'civilised countries'!
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    That was really disturbing news for those who really love nature and animal. First of all I would like to protest at the way the magic show was organized inside the zoo and that too causing damage of life to scores of snakes just for the viewing pleasure of public and satisfaction of magic performer. Normally animals living in peace should not be harmed and how come the authorities gave permission inside the zoo and that too killing 100s of snakes. I really feel sorry that person like stature of Menaka Gandhi was not present in Pakistan to protest such brutal act.
    K Mohan
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