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    One side of the story

    Two days ago, my social networking feeds were overflowing with people commenting on a video. The video was a CCTV footage of a man being repeatedly stabbed to death on a FoB in Virar railway station. The 3 minute video showed all passengers running helter-skelter. None of them, even the security guard, took the effort to team up against and subjugate the criminal. The social media had summed up the entire event as the death of humanity.
    It was realised only later on, when the other videos had been circulated, that infact the passengers, though initially ran away scared, teamed up and cornered the criminal. The humanity was somehow suddenly restored!

    There are many instances in the recent past too about social media attacking a person/entity by just seeing one side of the story. The effect of this one-sided attack of media on the victims are far beyond explanations. Is there any way to heal the harassment the police constable (who presumably was drunk during working hours in Delhi metro) had to face? Of what use is the report that he had actually suffered a heart attack and collapsed, when the damage has already been done by the media? This is the same social media which nearly led the DD news anchor to the verge of suicide, just for the fact that she fumbled during her debut anchoring.

    Don't you think we (social media) need to be more sensitive, empathetic and react only after hearing both sides of the story?
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    In the past when there was no internet, there used to be rumor mills spreading rumors particularly about negativity through words of mouth with each passing mouth adding its own incremental spices in the story. Mostly news about communal riots, heinous crimes and such other sensational stories used to reach far and wide within no time.
    Nowadays the social media has replaced the same with the only difference that it spreads at lightening speed.
    We never come across any video depicting some good deed of any individual being floated and becoming viral in social media.
    I do hope that daily more good deeds are committed compared to the bad acts. But who cares for recording and posting a video about the same.
    At ISC we have to see that this forum is being used for discussing the good deeds of the individuals also instead of restricting the same to the self styled tidbits.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Well, even the news channels are found to be doing the same. Thet get hold a video and intentionally present you just one side of the story. They will keep running the same clip over and again and thereby manipulate the thoughts of the general public.

    Viral videos have just one point of interest. They want to go more viral. And that can only be done through posting only one side of the story.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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