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    What are your observations about bottled Gangajal by post?

    The Government of India has taken an initiative to deliver holy Gangajal at the doorstep using the vast postal network. Hindus use Gangajal while worshiping or performing the pujas and many other rituals. It is believed that because of its amazing self cleaning properties, it never deteriorates or loses its beneficial effects even after storing in closed utensils for years. It is regarded as a symbol or paragon of purity, chastity and spiritual values.
    Two varieties of Gangajal, one bottled at the Gangotri and the other at Rishikesh will be made available in bottles of 200 ml costing Rs. 15 and 500 ml costing Rs.22.
    What are your observations about bottled Gangajal by post?
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    In north India, keeping Gangajal in the home is considered imperative. What is the custom in other parts of India?
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    In every part of India Ganga jal has importance as in most of puja we need Ganga jal to purify the place before worshiping any God.
    This is a Good initiative, as every body was not getting pure Gangajal, as I am from Bhubaneswar ( Odisha) and a 100 ML bottle Ganga jal is being sold at Rs 15 at puja shops. Also the bottle seal is opened as they give it in a plastic small bottle which does not have seal. so I was in doubt whether this is the real Ganga jal or not? Now I will feel confident about the purity of the water by ordering through post.

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    Well for most of the South Indians we feel like visiting North India and have the sacred dip in river Ganges to wash of our sin. But we wont find time nor have the occasion to visit. So we are all yearning to have at least the Gangajal being sprinkled on our body during festive occasions and this move by the postal department to deliver Gangajal at reasonable cost would be welcome step. The government should create a awareness program on this and even make greater arrangement to deliver bigger size so that Gangajal would be sufficient for entire family.
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    I fully support this endeavour of the Government. This novel activity will immensely help the religious people of the country, and, at the same time,, would help the the Department of Posts with a very good earning.
    I don't know who has developed the idea, but I admire his/her business acumen. If implemented successfully, this step would bring a sea-change in revenue-earning of Department of Posts and help fulfilling the needs of crores of religious people at a much lesser price.

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