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    Do we commit some kinds of sin almost daily?

    Sin is defined as the offence of breaking a religious or moral law. Though the criminal acts as defined under law are not specifically mentioned in the dictionary meaning of the word 'sin', but all crimes are perhaps covered under moral transgressions.
    Morally, lying is also a sin as is the act of killing an insect.
    Where is the 'Laxman Rekha' to demarcate as to what is a sin and what is not?
    Let us try to understand through discussion.
    Do we commit some kinds of sin almost daily?
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    I can list out few day to day sins that we commit.

    Eating Non-vegetarian item is a sin
    Staring at others wives is a sin
    Disobeying/ not caring our parents is a sin
    Not giving alms to a beggar is a sin
    Driving away a cattle or torturing any animal is a sin
    Not taking the name of God is a sin
    Killing any insect like fly, ant, mosquito is a sin.
    Telling lie is a serious sin.
    Not being faithful to the spouse is a sin.
    Wasting food is a sin.

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    It will be difficult to list the 'sins' one commit. Knowingly or unknowingly one will be committing sins. Good actions and bad actions are done by every individual. It is rather relative.
    One will be forced to kill a snake when it comes to bite him. Similarly throwing a stone at a dog when it approaches you or others. These are occasions when one is forced to commit a sin. These are sins because killing an animal or throwing a stone at an animal come under sin in a sense. So one cannot live without committing 'sins'. Think about those who eat non-veg food !

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    Everyone will commit sin with or without his knowledge. If we start listing out, then the list becomes never ending. We hurt people, killing small insects and animals, making fun of others weakness, disobeying elders and many more are all sins and the list goes on and on and on.

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    I strongly differ. Everyday we commit many mistakes, mainly unknowingly. These mistakes can't be termed as 'sins'. If we commit mistakes knowingly and if these cause harm to humanity and human values, then such acts can be termed as 'sins'.

    Ordinary human beings commit very few sins everyday. I reiterate that mistakes and sins are not same.

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    Well, so to say, the religious and moral law itself is not universal and constant. It differs from person to person depending upon the situation. Even Gods kills demons to protect the innocent people and it is the 'dharma' of every King to protect his people and kill the enemies. So it is a vain attempt to try to make a strict list of sins as such. If at all we would want to define sin in the real sense, I guess we may say that a sin would be failing to do someone's duty as per the role played by him/her in that particular situation. It is important here to note that we must also know when, where, for whom and how much to do, so as to ensure that our duties are performed well.

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    I have listed out TEN sin points. None of them are mistakes, but sin only. They all are committed knowingly, intentionally and deliberately even after knowing that it is a SIN. .

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    No, Mr. Sun, I don't agree. At least five issues mentioned in your list can't be classified as 'sin'. These are only mistakes.
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    If breaking of religious law or moral law is called a sin, almost all of us may be doing hundreds of sins every day. I agree with all the points mentioned by Mr. Sun. With control, most of them can be avoided. Some may ask is it a sin if we kill a snake for defense? As far as I know, no religion law says killing a snake for defense is a sin. It is similar to gods killing demons. But, killing a snake for fun is a sin.

    Let us continue learning.

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    After reading this post, my thoughts ran in to a old Hindi movie in which Sanjiv Kumar was the actor. In one of the scene he takes so many medicines and the co actor would ask as to why he takes so much medicines. For that he replies that we make so many sins and that is the reason being so even the medicines are named with the letters ending sin. Like Anacin, Terramycin , like that. It seems the actor has touched the important point which the author wants to elicit views from us. Hope the author got response that every one commits mistake and thus we take medicines for that.
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