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    Do you participate for political discussion?

    Do you participate for political discussion? I mostly avoid because any thing or talk can be danger for us I also avoid to give comments on religious related topics.
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    I am not very fond of political leaders, or politics as a whole. I do not like participating in political discussions because I happen to see a lot sycophancy therein. I do not like idolising a political leader and eulogising him or her. The person is a public servant and let him do his duties. Don't make him a God out of a human.
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    Being a citizen and being a eligible voter we are directly connected to politics and the leaders representing the party. Normally every one of us have the affiliation to a particular party and we show sympathy and support it. The survival of such party purely exists on our patronage and hence deliberating on their progress and giving suggestions to improve must come from our end. If every one thinks that politics cannot be discussed as that is not my interest of theme, then the politician would play truant with us every time and we cannot mend their ways.
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    Yes some time I discuss with my friends and some time even with in our family we discuss. Because people afraid and irritate from this word politics or political leader. But this word has uses in our daily life. buttering, requesting, ordering, asking all are part of politics.
    SO in our everyday life we do lots of politics.
    And if I am aware about particular topic about the political leaders then definitely I would love to share it with my friends and families.

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    I don't like getting into political discussion and I mostly avoid it. Only in few cases I have discussed with my family. But when there is something that happened which is related to a political person, I discuss about it. Recently a DYSP from Karnataka Ganapati committed suicide and in suicide note he mentioned some political person's name. In this matter there was a discussion happening among Friends and I was also a part of discussion.

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    Political discussions were best time pass during the long train journeys when there was no internet and smartphones. They used to be the popular conversation starters also among people not known to each other. Simply passing a remark, which generally used to be a curse or a cuss word only, used to trigger an unending discussion.
    Nowadays we see political discussions specially organised by television channels as such discussions have potential to increase TRP.
    Even in ISC forum also often discussions on political topics take place.
    Perhaps most of the Indians have a political worm in them. It starts writhing and wriggling at the earliest possible opportunity.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    We Indians are sentimental in nature and we should definitely analyse the situation prior to involvement of such talks in the train. A minor talk may turn into wildfires if not handled in a rational way. Your prudent nature can avert such an ugly situation. So I try to be good listener while people are involved in the discussion. There are certain delicate issues which should not be touched in course of discussions such as the religious issues, discriminations meted out being a SC, poverty and affluence. In that way, nothing remains which would not create any ripple. We have to go a long way to adopt a restrained path so as to curb the path of hostilities.

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    Bengalis always take interest in politics and taking part in political discussion is a major form of entertainment. As a Bengali, how can I be an exception to this rule? However, I have to do it little bit discretely for various obligations.
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