Have you ever put a smile on someone's face?

Bringing smile on someone's face gives a heavenly feeling. It feels great not just for them but for us too.
I remember an incident in my life. It happened nine years ago. I used to attend a private tuition at a neighboring flat. There were only 3 of us to attend the evening batch. I noticed that the girl who came to the tuition with us, probably 4 years younger to me, had problem with pronouncing a particular syllable. On the pretext, it wasn't much of a concern for the teacher and her parents as it didn't affect her performance in exams. But I felt really sad for her when she explained how she felt when all her classmates made fun of her problem. Her parents weren't that educated and didn't have time to teach her. She felt scared to ask her tuition teacher to help her out. She was afraid of being mocked upon.
So I started spending time with her, 5 minutes before and after tuition, helping her with her syllables and pronunciation. It was just 5 minutes a day, but we did that for nearly a month. As days passed her cries began to stop and on the last day I saw her beaming with happiness. Her friends had stopped teasing her. She couldn't stop thanking me.

Looking back, I didn't put much efforts sacrifice. It was only a smash gesture from my part. Ask she needed was someone who could patiently spend time helping her practice. That's exactly what I did. I had brought a small smile in her life.

I'm sure all ISCians would have done something like that in their lives. A small gesture, going slightly away from your routine to help someone out. Please share those here, so that you can relive those moments and also spread some light during these cloudy days.