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    Will money matter in friendship spoil a relation?

    We often hear people telling not to involve any sort of money matters in friendship as it will spoil the relationship. Giving and taking money might be common but if it is extreme there might be some misunderstanding sometime. Though everything is crystal clear there would be something bothering one of them in the relation. Friendship should be handled very carefully without giving any space to misunderstandings. If giving and taking business becomes extreme, there would be a difference of opinion and the relation would end in a wrong term. so it is always better to avoid unnecessary money business between friends.
    What is your opinion about it?
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    All human relations are monetary relations as quoted by Aristotle. Money matters are some delicate issues and they may spoil any relation if not acted properly.

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    Yes, money matters ate capable of destroying a relationship. A minor lending if a hundred bucks or so may be a non issue among friends, but higher amounts are bound to create rifts.
    In fact, money is the root cause of all evils - at least majority of them. A business relation with your friend, or a relative is bound to cause unwanted issues at one time or the other.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    As long as both the friends are free and fair, there cannot be any misunderstanding. And if at all any discrepancies arises due to money matter it must be solved with due discussion. In Tamil there is a saying that to know the true person and friendship one must undertake long distance travel so that character of other person comes to be known. That is the reason being so young couples who are having arranged marriage are sent for honey moon tour , so that each can understand very well and thus a trust build us made from the grass root level which shall sustain for ever.
    K Mohan
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    yes money matters a lot in everybody's life. so There might be conflict or fighting between friends even have sen parents child started fighting just for the sake of money. So it is always suggested not to put or involve monetary matter or transactions between friends, although some time we say friends are for ever who going to stand in each of our problem time.

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    Money is the hallmark of relationships. Money makes as well as mars the relationships.
    Relationships among brothers also generally get soured due to material things like ancestral property etc. Often the richer brothers tend to forego their claim/share, but their spouse may or may not agree.
    The friends can at the most be kept in the bracket of brothers sans claim/share in ancestral property.
    There should not be lending/borrowing kind of transactions. An individual may help his/her friend, but only without any expectation of getting the same back.
    For friendship to sustain , there has to be very good understanding between their spouses also.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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