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    Why couples are sent to "Honey Moon" ? To know better or to enjoy life ?

    Immediately after the marriage it is customary for many parents that they send the young married couples to honey moon trip preferably to a hill station or cool climate area so that they get acquainted with each other and also know more about themselves. If the married couples are restricted and stay back, they cannot have the privacy to talk nor understand each other. And those who have gone for honey moon are turned to be better understanding couples and their standing in life in future was assured. Any comment on this ?
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    Honeymoons are meant to help newlywed couples to share some secluded moments together. It is aimed at making them understand each other and establish love in their relationship. A married couple is expected to have physical intimacy and to attain the comfort zone, the seclusion from all the near and dear ones could be much important.
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    Nowadays the importance and significance of honeymoon is diminishing as generally the would be couples start seeing each other much before the actual solemnization of the marriage. As a matter of fact they agree to marry only after knowing each other sufficiently well.
    With the spread of education, more and more boys/girls are working at places away from their home and therefore have sufficient time to interact with their would be spouse.
    I have noticed that nowadays more and more boys/girls are selecting their would be spouse themselves and parents are not interfering much in most of such cases.
    It is the power of being self dependent by starting earning.
    However still there are many cases where the marriages etc. are fixed as well as solemnized also in the traditional manner and the parents have to make a provision for expenses for couple's honeymoon trips also in their budget.
    In my opinion, it is now time for the couples who have completed their silver jubilee etc. to make honeymoon trips to rediscover their spouses.

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    With reference to @571366

    I do not really understand the relevance of the above response with reference to the topic of the thread being discussed. We are discussing the need and the practicability of a honeymoon and you attempt to explain the concept of how the present generation is planning to get married! Does it not mean that you are still trying to make revery thread the ground for your (borrowed) knowledge? Would it not be better to stay on topic?

    Having said that, I would treat honeymoons to be better needed for a married couple. It would give the newlyweds a couple of weeks to spend together before going to the real life filled with bills, household chores and what not.

    In certain societies where marriages take place in an arranged affair, honeymoon plays an important role in helping the couple get to know each other. Moreover, the time spent at honeymoon would indeed be a quality time together and can be cherished in the later years of life together.

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    I do not know from when this tradition started. Also not aware whether the older generation people were going for a honey moon trip or not? If the answer is no ( on an average), then now days this has just become a fashion, for a trip, and to gather some memories for future life, also this is also a point that in privacy they both can know each other.
    But mostly it happens in rich family or higher middle class people.
    SO we can not say it is a necessary practice for every couple to become friends or understand each other by going on a honeymoon trip.

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    I feel couple go on a honeymoon to spend some quality time with each other and understand each other. After wedding, usually couple will stay together with guys family and they hardly get time to spend with each other. So they go to honeymoon to get some time for themselves. Also if it's a arranged marriage, knowing each other well is very important to have a successful married life. For this reason couple go on a honeymoon and know each other well and create some memories for them.

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    Honeymoon serves the purpose of sharing some romantic moments with the partners and to know each other much better. It is felt that honeymoon is necessary before entering the daily grinds of life. However, I have seen a peculiar case in my locality. After returning from honeymoon, a couple mutually sought divorce. Although people think this peculiar, nobody has asked any question to any of the partners in this regard out of basic courtesy.
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    Many people of present days are keeping in their mind as marriage itself for only sexual relationship and so, the honey moon also. But they forget to think beyond that. Marriage is a bond beyond everything what they think. The love and affection between the couple should last long till the last breath of each of them. The honey moon is also meant for sharing their likes and dislikes to give up or adjust; the necessity of family adjustments (if any), such things are discussed and shared themselves privately in the calm situation. During that period they should talk freely rather than disputing themselves leading to divorce. During that honey moon period, many planned to relax themselves in hilly places etc., but the correct thing according to me, is roaming to the places of interest in both of them to the possible extent. Even after our first every wedding anniversary day, I and my wife used to went temple cities as our wish till our LAST wedding anniversary March 10,2015 (she left me on 20th March 2015). People requiring peaceful married life should plan like this.

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    I think the main reason for going out for honeymoon is to find sometime away from the intruding family members and relatives who never allow the newly married couples to spend sometime together undisturbed.
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