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    What may be the best way to celebrate our Independence Day?

    Our Independence Day is approaching fast.
    Different people celebrate the Independence day differently.
    There may be few who take it simply as a holiday and enjoy the freedom of not working at their work place on that particular day.
    Many, particularly in the Government sector, have to essentially attend to the flag hoisting ceremony at their work places.
    This year it is falling on a Monday which means people will get extended weekend holidays and are likely to utilize the same for visiting places.
    I will make it a point to listen to the Prime Minister's speech delivered from the rampart of the Red Fort.
    What may be the best way to celebrate our Independence Day?
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    Well those who are in big private companies, the flag hoisting is done at the office too and they cannot listen to main speech by the PM from Red fort. By the way in every state the celebrations would be highlight and in our Hyderabad the flag hoisting would be done at Golconda fort and we would be missing that too. Because in our colony we call the local corporator to hoist the flag and seek his intervention on problems to be addressed. So all these takes place in the prime hours of morning and thus we cannot view Red fort speech nor hear Golconda proceedings.
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    The best way to celebrate our Independence day is to be happy on that lovely day. Wish each other "Happy Independence day' like we say 'Happy Diwali" 'Happy Pongal' 'Happy Christmas' ' Id Mubarak". Let us prepare beautiful breakfast, lovely lunch, delicious dinner and enjoy the Independence day. Family members should sit together and discuss about Independence. Spare some time to think and talk about the leaders who fought for our freedom. Help some of the poor if you can. Visit old age home and orphanage and distribute food/sweet to the destitute.
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    I enjoy that day as a regular Holiday . I just stay happy and discuss with some of my friends before the day, regarding the scarifies and hard work of our freedom fighter, thats all, Neither I visit any orphanage or old age home, simply watch movies at home or go for outing with friends, and enjoy the day as a leave from all job.
    By celebrating in particular way will not result anything, also I do not like to listen the speech of Prime minister, it all about what their Government has done in last year and what is the future plan, Instead of listening those fake dialogues I would love to watch some old movies where I can at least have a feelings of that time ( before independence).

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    Most of the television channel generally telecast patriotic movies only on the Independence Day. That way watching such movies also enable one to feel and share patriotic sentiments/emotions.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Yes, even I watch patriotic movies telecasted by the channels. Most of the time it will be based on mahatma Gandhi but it always interesting to watch patriotic movies. Other than that, I don't do anything much. I enjoy staying at home that day. When I was young, I remember going for flag hoisting with my dad to his college and enjoyed singing national anthem there with college students. Now, since dad is retired I don't go there and I stay at home watching TV and enjoying that day. And what I feel is, patriotism should not be shown only on that particular day. We should be patriotic and should have love and respect for our country everyday.

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