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    Handling conflicts in life

    People have different personalities,behaviour,way of talking and addressing,dressing and what not.Whatever may be the difference,it is the language and ego of a person which come in the middle always and spoil the situation.
    Sometimes we do not even realise that we have hurt someone's feelings by our way of addressing and tone of voice also.Sophistication and maturity in behaviour becomes a necessary factor in our personalities during testing times.
    Have you ever gone through a situation in life which you really wish should not have happened in the first place?How have you dealt with that person,did you submit to their will or did you take your own stand ?
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    We are bound to encounter many difficult people in our lifetime. Sometimes even in our very close social circle, we find difficult people. In case a close relative is such kind of an individual, then we cannot even get rid of them.
    Such kinds of neighbors are perhaps more painful. They continue to remain with us, watching/witnessing day to day developments and often retaliating or strategizing as to how to further compound the problems.
    Bosses at the workplace are another such kind of persons causing much misery and pain to the individual suffering.
    But perhaps the worst scenario emerges when our own children become foul mouthed due to our own negligence in raising them properly.
    We sometimes hear about the instances when the children throw their parents outside their own house.
    It is not only difficult but perhaps impossible to change the world. It is better to either bear with such people or ignore them totally.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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