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    A marvelous quote I came across today

    Hello ISC members,

    Suppose you are being given 86400 rupees every day. But, there is a condition. You should use all of it on that day itself. Anything you failed to use will be gone and 86400 rupees will be given again the next day. The process repeats. What will we do if such a thing happens for us? We will draw all of it and use it. Similarly, we are being given 86400 seconds everyday. But, there is a condition. We should use all of it on that day itself. Anything we fail to use will be gone and 86400 seconds will be given again the next day. The process repeats. This thing is happening for us but, what are we doing? I mean, how many people are using the time they are being given in a proper way? Time doesn't go backward. So, it is very important. Therefore, it should be used properly.

    I think this is the best quote I ever read.

    Krishna Teja Yeluripati.
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    Very simple. We are living 86400 seconds everyday with our non-stop heart beat. With that heart beat, we walk, run, eat, sit, talk, read, write , work, rest and sleep. If our heart is working we are also working. There is no wastage of seconds in our life. We live each and every second.

    My question: We may get 86400 rupees in our hand at a given time. Can we get 86400 seconds in our hand at a given time, to ask this question?.

    No life without Sun ¤

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    According to a research study, some of the interesting facts about how the people in UK spend their time in their lifetime are as follows (no such report could be located in respect of Indian people) -
    1. Eleven years in front of the TV
    2. Five years on net
    3. Twenty six years in sleeping and seven years in insomnia
    4. Three thousand hrs. in shaving
    5. Total about 38,003 hrs. in eating
    6. Waiting for trains - 653 hrs
    7. Women getting ready - 136 days, men - 46 days
    8. Complaining - 5 months
    9. At work - 99,117 hrs.
    10. Washing clothes - 23,214 hrs.
    11. Laughing - 115 days
    12. Queuing - six months
    13. On the phone at work - 4 years
    Few things have been omitted.
    The lifestyle of the Indians is likely to be a little different.
    I think some examples of the activities which should be deleted from the lifetime, may be as follows -
    1. Worrying
    2. Repenting
    3. Back biting
    4. Complaining about others behaviour
    5. Gossiping
    6. Net chatting with unknown people
    7. Day dreaming
    8. Indulging in wishful thinking
    9. Boasting
    There may be many more such activities.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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