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    Keep the Place clean where ever You Travel........

    Hello Friends,

    As there was vacation to my children I had visited to a holy place as well my native place Nanjangud. Its in Mysore Dist. Nanjangud is one of very historic and a holy place for all devotee's. All Religion believe nanjundeshwara [Lord Shiva]. Most of the people must have heard about this temple. As the temple is so historic and holy place the visitors and devotee's make the place as dirty as possible. In the surroundings of the temple there is Kapila river, the water is used for god's abhisheka. The people who come to river they take bath make that place as dirty as possible. They wash clothes, spit in that river, they make the children do dirty and wash it or throw the diaper in the river and make fun when it floats. IS THIS THE WAY THAT WE SHOULD KEEP OUR HOLY PLACE CLEAN. That poor guard keeps shouting but no body listens to him. Near the river there is a room for changing and dustbin to throw our waste, But most of the people enjoy throwing all their stuff to river. So Please where ever you go, maintain that place clean. Think that place as your home and keep it clean. We are only spoiling our historical and holy places and giving a very bad message to the future generation.
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    I think an awareness in such religious minded people can be created only by telling them that such an act of dirtying the temple and its surroundings is likely to invoke the wrath of the God.
    I have also noticed during my visits to the holy places, that such places are particularly dirtied by the devotees. Most of the flowers, garlands, coconut's outer shells and such other 'puja samagri' are thrown here and there. The devotees take bath and even wash their clothes in the water bodies like river, tank or lake etc.
    Generally at such places there are many shops/restaurants selling snacks and other edible items which also generates garbage.
    It is well said that a clean place is like a temple where God prefer to visit or stay. During Diwali festival, people clean their houses in anticipation that the Goddess Lakshmi will visit a clean house only.
    I have witnessed machines cleaning the temple courtyard. It depends on the attitude of the temple management also. Only they can enforce some sort of semblance in such matters.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Our people learn from paying some fees.
    As we know our Airport is clean, because less people visited at that place, also who ever wants to throw some wastage or garbage they search for a dustbin instead of throwing any area. So the local authority should be strict and at least once do a full cleaning then there should be strict surveillance by the Temple committee and local authority to instruct devotees about waste management , although it is little long process but definitely can get success and our place will be cleaned. Once the place get fully clean , every body will feel and to make it dirty.

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    What matters is the education. Such things will happen only in states like Karnataka or Andhra Pradesh, but not in Kerala. Kerala is educationally a forward state and the people know how to maintain a temple premise or a water body. People from Karnataka, especially the devotees are from backward villages and are not aware of cleanliness.

    Moreover, it is the duty of temple authorities to ensure cleanliness of the temple by providing necessary facilities like, bathroom, lavatory, dust bin, garbage drums etc. Also, they should deal with the erring public with the help of police and guards by collecting fine.

    No life without Sun ¤

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    Yes we should keep the surrounding clean were even we go. It applies to any place and not only to holy places. Cleanliness should not be taught but it has to come to a person naturally. But unfortunately many people fail to be clean and keep surrounding clean. Even educated people dirty the place though they know what they are doing is wrong. When they see a place dirty, they throw their garbage also there thinking it's already dirty and such things should be avoided.
    Mr. Sun said such things happen only in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh which I don't agree. I have travelled to many places and many states and have seen other people also dirtying. People from all parts of India travel to holy places and dirty the place. You can't make out which person is from which place apart from language they speak. Also the discussion is in general about people making the place dirty and not differentiating people based on their states.

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    I agree with Mrs sushma becoz cleanliness doesn't matter whether your educated or not. I have seen educated people doing so. Even many times I have told them also. They out forward say. Please mind your business. I have seen so many uneducated people have changed by prime minister swach Bharat abhiyan. If you have a mind set that you should keep the place clean then automatically it comes. It doesn't matter of state or religion.

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