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    Keeping up the secrets that was shared with you

    Our close ones share many secrets with us and we share our secrets with our bestie. Some people are really trust worthy and keep up the secret, no matter what. There are other people who promise to keep the secret with them but later share it with others. Such people are usually cunning and double standard as they play game with everyone. I have seen other people also who don't tel the secret to anyone until they are close to a person who shared it with them. If for some reason they have an argument and stop talking, they talk ill about the person who shared the secret and tell it to everyone. It is very difficult to trust people as everyone seems to be good in front of us and knowing their true color is really very difficult.
    Would you keep up the secret shared with you? Do you like to share with others? If so, how do you trust them?
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    What I personally feel that sharing secrets of personal life with one another is the trust worthy act but often we find that it is misused when we are not having good terms with others. To put us in quandary our many secrets of us are being revealed to others and thus we become helpless for having told to the close friend. What annoys me the most that we always share secret things with those who have the habit of having gossips with others. Surely those gossip mongers will vent out our secrets also and that is danger to our reputation. So we must gauge the person and reveal our secrets. Especially ladies have the habit of sharing everything told to them. Even they are warned not to tell to anybody, they do share the secrets much to the annoy of others. So if you want to spread any message, it is better to tell to a lady, and that will reach every one.
    K Mohan
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    Nowadays young men and women chose their best friends very quickly. They share every details with their best friends. Every dark or uncomfortable secret is shared with friends instead of sharing with parents or brothers/sisters. Many friends may not be that reliable. As a result, many uncomfortable, embarrassing and even unfortunate situations take place.
    As a very introvert person I have limited friends. On the other hand, I am considered a very patient listener. My colleagues also know me as introvert. As a result my colleagues, subordinates and even seniors share their problems or confrontation (with other officers/staff) with me. Till now, I have maintained the oath of secrecy.
    So far as friends circle is concerned, my friends are very limited but extremely reliable. I am also very reliable for them.

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    After all what is a secret and why to share it with anybody?
    Very personal facts should remain within the immediate family only. In most of the developed societies, people don't share their private matters with outsiders.
    Only shallow people share their personal details with others with a view to impress them or show off.
    How a personal detail can be of any use to the others?
    Once the cat is out of the bag, it cannot be ensured that the same will come back inside the bag.
    People learn by making mistakes. Generally there should not be anything like a secret. Secrecy itself denotes that there is something fishy in the deal.
    The main temptation for sharing any secret with outsiders, is to gain cheap popularity only. Many people have a habit of boasting.
    Thus we can say that it is never advisable to share any so called secret with anybody and once shared, it should never be expected that the same will remain a secret.
    Often few things about an individual are known to all others, except the individual himself/herself.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    In today's world definition for secret is totally different from the ones that we had in olden days. In olden days people were more transparent and secret is something that was confined to sensitive matters and not the general matters. Now it happens for everything. It is commonly said that only a women cannot keep the secret with them. I don't usually see it that way. In a matter of fact wen it comes to either men or women, I don't think there is any gender difference in this. But holding a secret is something that can be a skill. It is not very easy to hold a secret. I used to have some problems earlier in holding secrets. When ever someone approach me and tell a secret, I cant keep it with me. I will let it out.

    Then later I learned about keeping the secret with me. Now i'm practiced enough. If someone asks me to hold a secret, I can do it easily. I have also started to be careful with people who cant hold a secret easily. I step away from them to ensure that I dont share any sensitive information with them. Thats a good learning that I have got.

    Thanks and Regards,
    S Balasubramanian

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    If we are truthful, plain and open-hearted, there is no room for any type of secrecy in our life. I have seen many of my friends saying,"Sun, I am telling you this secret. Please don't disclose it to any one else. So and so person has told me that so and so person is ...................." I really hate such persons who use the above phrases to convey the secrecy of a third person.

    As rightly said by Mohan, ladies are vulnerable to secrecy. They can never rest peacefully unless they convey the secret information received by them to someone else. This point need no much elaboration, as it is a well known fact.

    No life without Sun ¤

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