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    Myths about parrots: What is your opinion?

    First myth: Parrots like red chillies.

    When I had a pet parrot, I experimented with red chillies. My parrot used to favour ripe guava and custard apple. Although it used to take red chillies occasionally, it can't be stated that red chillies are favourite of parrots. My conclusion is that parrots like ripe red guava and custard apple.

    Second myth: Parrot can pronounce words.

    My mother tried her best to teach our pet parrot names of Gods and Goddesses like 'Radhe-Krishna', 'Joy-Kali', etc. After much effort, the parrot tried to imitate my mother but its imitation could never resemble actual words.
    My friend Buju tried to teach his parrot some cuss-words, but he also failed in his efforts. So my view is that parrots can never properly pronounce words, although they do try to imitate.
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    Ha! Ha! great analysis.

    Here is another one - You did not feed your parrot green chillies (wild parrots do not eat red chillies, they prefer green chillies) that is why your parrot could not pronounce words properly. Now, it is for you to figure out whether this is another myth or a fact.

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    Good analysis. I have heard about Parrots uttering words. There are many videos available in You tube which shows how parrots can imitate the words. It can be the case that your parrot did not imitate properly and utter the word with clarity but I have seen parrots which give perfect pronunciation.

    Apart from this, there are also references to talking parrots in our ancient scriptures. One such example is a story that comes in Adishankara's life. In other poetry and scriptures there are references available about this.

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    #571404: Let me experiment with green chillies with the group of parrots living in the nearby mango tree. If I can get some conclusion (positive or negative), I will share in this platform.
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    The parrots may favor red chillies as the same are more eye catching than the green chillies. Also the red color indicates ripeness and ripe fruits generally have more sugar content than the unripe one.
    Crows and parrots are considered more intelligent than other birds.
    However perhaps the greatest myth about parrots is that they can act as astrologers. In many parts of India particularly in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, people believe that parrots can help in knowing the future.
    Generally parrot astrologers sit below a tree near courts etc. with a cage having one or two trained parrots. Tarot like cards are stacked in front of the cage. The trained parrot picks one of the cards on prompting and the fortune teller predicts the future.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Some Myth: It is generally said that the Parrot bitten fruits will be more tastier than the whole fruit. Parrot's nose is compared as a beautiful nose of a lady(What a parrot nosed lady!) Also ladies are compared with parrot ( What a parrot like lady!). The speech of a lady also compared with the talk of the parrot. (Pesuvathu Kilia.... illai pennarasi Mozhiya? - Is it the parrot talking or the girl talking) There is a variety of mango known as "Kili Mookku Maambalam' (Mango like parrot nose). Parrot astrology is very famous as the parrots can recognize an individuals quality, conduct , behaviour and the fortune.
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