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    Is it a fact that all ISCians are introverts only?

    Let us first discuss to understand as to what are the characteristics of the introvert persons and those of extrovert persons.
    Introverts are generally understood to be individuals who remain predominantly concerned with their own thoughts and feelings rather than with external things. Such people are energized by being alone.
    Extroverts, on the other hand, are people who are outgoing , socially confident and get energized by being around other people.
    That way how ISCians can be described?
    Is it a fact that all ISCians are introverts only?
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    You are wrong Kailash. All ISCians are not confined to ISC site alone. They are in Facebook, Tweeter, their own blogs any in many other social networking sites. If you say all ISCians are introverts, there will be no extroverts from the Internet world.
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    I don't feel ISCians are introverts. If they were introverts, they wouldn't be confident enough in discussing various things in forum section. Also as Mr.Sun said, most of the Iscains are on other social networking sites and outgoing.

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    I can't tell about other Members of ISC because I have not seen anybody. However, I am an incorrigible introvert.

    In this context, I would further like to add that I feel that some of the regular and prolific contributors in ISC could be introverts, because I have seen that many introverts are generally active in social media. Probably they prefer the relative anonymity offered by the social media to express their own views clearly without hesitation.

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    Completely introvert and extrovert people are virtually not possible in this world.A total introvert would cause a person to lose his mind!
    Here is the definition of an introvert and an extrovert personfrom a scientific angle.
    Introverts (or those of us with introverted tendencies) tend to recharge by spending time alone. They lose energy from being around people for long periods of time, particularly large crowds.
    Extroverts, on the other hand, gain energy from other people. Extroverts actually find their energy is sapped when they spend too much time alone. They recharge by being social.
    Introverts prefer to keep to themselves on many occasions where groups or crowds are involved because they can get stimulated easily and they do not like it by nature.On the other hand,an extrovert person would feel left out and uncomfortable when not in the company of his or her group in social situations,for example when attending parties,musical concert etc as their stimulation is necessary from their group.
    Most of us fall in the range in the middle where we are introvert and extrovert in varying percentages but no one can be a complete 100% introvert or extrovert in the real world.
    We all need to communicate either in the real world or the virtual world.ISC is a medium where we are sharing our opinions and participating in discussions etc.Hence it does not make us complete introverts in any case.

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    You are perhaps bang on the target Mr Kailash. You being the author of this thread, one can easily assume that you are an introvert. Partha has already admitted and I too am kind of an introvert, but definitely not the type that Partha has ascribed himself. So that makes us three of us. Even though I like passing time on my own, with my work, books or whatever, secretly I desire to be an extrovert. At least from the outside it looks nice to be able to mix up with people, have a small talk with them and all that goody-goody. But when it comes to actually doing it, I prefer to go my own way, because that's what I enjoy the most. Anyway I have long realized it's always better to be your own, accept yourself the way you are and be happy with that.

    Yes, I too concur with ar, that most of us might be somewhere in the middle of the scale, neither introverts nor extremely extroverts. Somewhere down the line, there could be a link between online activity and the nature of a person. Not those who are professionally engaged, but the ones who take it as hobby or entertainment are likely to be or become introverts. The reason could be quite apparent; less interaction with our peers, friends and family.

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    ISCians may look like introverts by not intermingling with people in person, but they do interact with many digitally.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Almost all of those who indulge in activities like writing or reading can be said to have more of an introvert nature in them. But, as pointed out in one of the responses above, it is not possible to find a complete introvert or a complete extrovert. The percentage of the traits differ. And that would make a person appear as an introvert or an extrovert.

    Having said that most of the members on ISC tend to lean towards the introvert trait. Writing something up needs you to have a good enough amount of solitude and a person with more of an extrovert nature will not be comfortable with it.

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    What I personally feel that unless and until we move with the persons on one to one basis, we cannot know them rightly. As far as branding ISCians as introvert is wrong. Just because some members are not opening up and giving the right answer to your posts, you cannot brand them as introvert. By the way there are some restrictions under which we are contributing here. If you want to see real K Mohan, then visit my whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter account. I am sharing here with utmost restraint and my real open up can be seen in social network sites. That is it.
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    Though all members of ISC may not be extreme introverts, they can tend to be so by bestowing more time for ISC and avoiding external contacts a person to persona social relationship in the real world around them.

    Most people who are shy and less exposed tend to be introverts as they get more time to think and brood about themselves. Slowly this gets broken as they move to new spheres and come into contact with more and more people and more space for their activities.

    Many of us have come to ISC after exposure and contacts in real world for many years. So we may not be introverts on joining, but as I said earlier may tend to be with ourselves( and conversing with virtual ISC members).

    The same will be the case for those who spend most of their time in social networks.

    They have contacts and communications but physically they are alone, and would also like to be alone. That should be avoided.

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    Every Individual has own knowledge level, and we know that all member who have registered themselves at ISC, either they want to learn something, or would like to earn some cash. So how can an introverts compromise him/her self with both the condition, so we can not judge a person with a particular discussion or an argument, he/she might be arrogant but does not mean in front of every one.
    Can a member leave the site if he/she gets rejected some of his posted article. No either they will try to learn from the editor, or improve to bring perfect in themselves.

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