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    How physics got affected in our day to day life?

    why steam burns our body more than the boiling water?
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    i don't know

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    Hello navin patel,

    First of all, welcome to ISC. You started a thread and responded to it yourself. I think that is not okay with the policies of this site. As far as I know, you shouldn't respond to your thread unless there is a discussion going on i.e. some other members already responded. Also, your post should contain some description but not a single sentence. This question may be better fit to ask experts section.

    Coming to the point, when our skin is exposed to steam, the steam converts from gaseous state to liquid state i.e. a phase change. And, when our skin is exposed to boiling water, it is just a temperature change. As phase change needs more energy than temperature change, exposure to steam is far more dangerous than exposure to boiling water.

    A piece of advice : Do not pull forum threads older than 10 days. Check the date before you respond to a forum thread. There are many resources in ISC which describe the policies related to posting in different sections. Check them out and contribute in this site to learn and earn simultaneously.

    Let us continue learning.

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