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    Anniversary wishes – wishing the right way

    What is the right way to wish a couple celebrating their anniversary? Do you wish them a happy marriage anniversary or do you greet them on their wedding anniversary? If you wish couples a happy wedding anniversary, then you are doing it right. However, if your wish includes the term 'marriage anniversary' then I am afraid, you are doing it wrong.

    The reason – Well, a wedding is a ceremony that unites a couple. What they celebrate each year on the corresponding date is the anniversary of that day - the wedding.

    Marriage, on the other hand, is a relationship, between a man and a woman. It is an ongoing process.
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    Well for a common person thinking level, marriage and wedding seems to be the same term hence wishing happy marriage day may not be taken as wrong and as for as the wishes are taken in right spirit nothing goes wrong.
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    Yes, 'wedding anniversary' is the correct option. However, many Indians are wrongly using the phrase 'marriage anniversary', just like 'red light' instead of 'traffic signal'.
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    People generally don't apply their mind in parroting the wishes.
    I have seen people wishing 'Happy Muharram' also as it was a holiday and the individual concerned thought that being a festival, it has to be happy only.
    I have also seen people wishing 'Happy Chhath' which looked like a pleasant surprise, though a bit odd on hearing the very first time.
    Thus most of the people follow a herd mentality.
    Regarding the analysis proffered by the author, it seems correct and prudent.
    While talking about the wedding anniversaries, let us recall that 25, 50, 60 and 70 years of the marriage are celebrated as the 'silver wedding anniversary', 'golden wedding anniversary' 'diamond wedding anniversary' and 'platinum wedding anniversary' respectively.
    There is a system and tradition of gifts also associated with various anniversaries e.g. silver, gold, diamond and platinum jewelry is generally considered as appropriate gift on corresponding wedding anniversaries.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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