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    Should people get disheartened on failing to understand each and every thing?

    I fail to understand technical matters related to computers/internet etc. as I have studied something else in the university, though I know sufficiently well about the field of my expertise or specialization.
    Should I feel disheartened, depressed, dejected and disappointed due to this?
    My point is that people often say that they fail to understand certain things. Perhaps there is no point in exclaiming so.
    The ocean of knowledge is boundless and fathomless. It is naive to try to understand each and everything.
    Should people get disheartened on failing to understand each and every thing?
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    we cannot understand each and everything. There are few things that is beyond our understanding and knowledge. So I feel there is nothing to feel disappointed or dejected about it. If we are interested in learning something which is not related to our subject, then we should have patience as it might take time to learn from basics but it is not impossible. There may be times when a person feels it difficult to understand and quit learning in between. But it his choice. So if we cannot learn everything, it is absolutely fine. There are other things we know. So there is no need of getting disheartened for not knowing or understanding certain things.

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    Sushma -Then why people write or say that I fail to understand while criticizing others. Do all others need to understand whatever is being said or written by an individual?
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    If everyone understood what is said an written by an individual then it would have been better right? There would be no misunderstanding as such. There is no way we can understand anything and everything what others say. Sometimes they say something and we take it in other way. That is because we didn't understand what he actually meant.

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    It all depends upon our mind - set. There are a number of issues which we fail to conceive of but then we are not sensible to that level. My colleagues living in Bengaluru are fully conversant with the kannad language and some of them are proficient enough in conversation. I want to have the same level of aquiantence but failed to achieve it despite all my efforts. But I do not feel dejected because of my ignorance to this particular language since there are numerous areas where I have excelled such as Bengali and Oriyas. So in no way, I am embrassed at my ignorance of this language. I would contemplate all the means which would help me in strengthening my skill.

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    I think learning is the process and we must have interest to learn. For example I was not having computer, I got interested in it, brought one and learned how to use it at my home and today I am well versed with some technical details and also type the contents pretty speed. What I mean to say that it is generally felt that those who know typewriting would know how to operate computer as the keys are placed same. But technical details must be known. Many a time I fumbled and got to know the intricacies of computer. Now I can edit songs, join music, join the movie and make special effects and also include special sounds to create uniqueness in video. All these have been learnt at the home without any bodies help and that way there cannot be dejection or getting disheartened.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    This world is very big, so there are lot many things to know. It is not possible for any one to know everything. As you must be knowing Good chef can prepare good foods, but for their promotion they need a web developer for their web site design, similarly a web designer can not construct his own building.
    Just for fun saying. Lord Vishnu also has appointed Yamraaj to decide and give punishment to the people after death, as he does not have expertise in that.

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