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    Other side of the grass is always green

    We often look at others and feel how happy they are. We only see their happy face and assume they have everything in life and there is no problem in their life. But only that person know what is happening in their life though they don't share it with everyone. What we always fail to understand is what we see is not what actually is. We think celebrities have enough money and they are rich. They get all they want and they are the happiest. But their life is not an easy one. We will have so many hurdles in their life. similarly, We will gave so many problems in our life and others will think our life is better than theirs. So the quote "Other side of the grass is always green" suits us very much. Because for us, life of others always seems to be better as we see others smiling and happy.
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    All of us have a set of positive as well as negative things and maintain an equilibrium between the two. The equilibrium never remains ideally balanced. Sometimes the negative side gets tilted downward and sometimes the other side.
    Once we become able to understand that such a scenario is part of the game and cannot be changed as per our own wish, then the life becomes easier to lead.
    It is true that no one is free of one kind or the other kind of negative situations.
    Generally, people don't expose their belly of negative circumstances. Instead they portray only what looks shining and juicy.
    It is better to focus only on the positive aspects of others and don't attempt to dig deep to find out their negativities.
    Many people have a bad habit of finding out adversities in others life so as to console themselves, which is not a correct attitude.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    In Tamil also there is a saying that " Akkaraikku Ikkarai Patchai" that means for those who are in trouble sees other side of the river as green pastures. In the real sense it means that those who are going through ordeals and bad times in life feel that others are living contented life and we envy them. Actually they have their own problem and they envy us. For example a government servant always envies a private company employee, because he has fixed working process and in private company one can open up and even go higher heights. Like wise the private employees always envy the government servants that they have security of job, pension benefits and above all fixed time of work and so many holidays. So for both of them, each one feels others is the best.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Life is like a wave. Happy, sad, all are part of life , or else you wont enjoy it properly. This is true we can not imagine the sorrow of other, although we can see it but cant have the real feel. And as you mentioned we might imagine that a rich person is highly successful and happy, but that person himself knows what he has lost in his life to achieve that level.
    so it is always suggested leave happy, make your surrounding happy, then you will have a better life. Thats all.
    No need to think a lot or compare your self with any one, that only brings you sorrowfulness as well as waste your time.

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    It is all because that we always tries to focus on the negative points of us and tries to reveal them in us again and again but we should rather see the positivity of us and feel happy about it but we always do the opposite of this and mostly says that i lack in this, mostly reveals the inability. so always remain sad , depressed and fails in every situation of life , so be happy and see the positive aspects of situation. A simple small formula to live happy

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