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    According to you, who is the leader?

    (This thread is the winner of Special Prize of the TOW for the week 10th July – 16th July 2016)

    A leader is the one who has knowledge and capable of handling things. A leader can show right path to others and guide people. But there are some so called leaders who will not have much knowledge. But they get their work done by his members. He will not work along with others but dominate others and gives the work to others to complete. We see both type of leaders in our lives.

    Who do you feel is a leader? The one who has knowledge, guides the team, works with them or the one who is making use of his leadership and dominates the team? What qualities should be there in a leader?
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    Sonia Gandhi is considered to be the leader of the oldest political party of India. What leadership qualities she has? Actually she has no leadership qualities, but the congressmen have made her a leader. The same is the case of Rahul Gandhi also. They are made leaders by the circumstances as the other senior congressmen are not willing to accept their counterparts as a leader.
    Primarily the leader as well as the follower, both are assessed and evaluated on the basis of their capacity to deliver results. Often luck or chance plays a very important role in letting one be labelled as a leader.
    The tyrannical British rule and hence the people's burning desire to get them ousted, made Gandhi a leader, though the credit goes to the two world wars which had weakened the British.
    Narendra Modi is a leader. He works more than 18 hours a day and is an honest person. Because of his impeccable credentials, his team too works fine.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Well, in my opinion a true leader is the person who leads by example. Guiding others to do the tasks which you cannot handle independently in your own capacity cannot be termed as a leadership trait. Besides that, you need to have an ability to lead the people towards the true goal. That would need immense knowledge - of at least the task you have at your disposal.

    That reminds me of the portfolios allotted to the ministers. An economist can do wonders if given the responsibility of a Finance minister. A lawyer can be a great law minister. Do our governments follow that intuitive practice in allotting the portfolios? No. Then in which capacity do they call themselves leaders? Just because they have money and muscle powers?

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    Every human being on this earth is a leader in his own perception which may differ in other's views.

    A true leader is accepted by one and all is the real leader but very hard to find such quality persons only few handful of people we come across with such leadership qualities.

    Leader is not just one who get the work done in time from his co-workers or to say from his subordinates but who guides, involve and understand others plight may also be considered as a true leader.

    The real perception of a true leadership has changed a lot now a days who takes the maximum load of work or make his or her subordinates to toll and get the work done to take the credit is normal situation we used to see now a days.

    Philosophically one who leads himself may also be considered as a leader because many fail to guide or lead themselves in difficult situations.

    A leader should understand himself first before guiding others here the communication how it reaches the other people plays a vital part to consider a leadership.

    There is a thin line between leadership and dictatorship if one say do as I say can be termed as a dictatorship whereas do as I do is the real leadership quality, further a true leader listen to others to guide others

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    According to me, a leader is the who commands followers constantly and they would be yearning to listen and follow his ideals. A true leader is one who always keeps in mind the aspirations of his followers and his voters. He wont indulge in such cheap tactics through which his name and fame would spoil. Normally for any meeting , the organizers spend money to bring in people to listen to the leader. But a true leader is one who commands more respect among his followers and thus his meetings are attended by them without even giving their prominence.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    I always love to be a leader and will grab every chances which flashes in front of me. In my point of view, a leader should be a bold and brave person with unlimited knowledge and capability. He should be positive minded and spread hopes over others. As said in the thread, a leader should guide the way for their workers or followers. One important thing which has not yet pointed on is the sacrificing mind of a leader. He or she should be ready to loose their profits for his company to stand still at difficulties and should take a strong hand during such situations rather imposing the responsibilities over his workers. Hope everyone who loves to be a leader turns out to be worthy and successful.

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    'Leading by example' is a cliche often used in such discussions and debates. However, in such cases sometimes the followers adopt the negative traits of the leaders also. Most common example of such cases is a bad boss at workplaces. A kind of 'saas bahu' syndrome starts functioning and the follower who becomes so called leader boss in future after getting promotion, starts behaving either in the same manner or worse.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    A good leader is one who:
    1. Reciprocates respect;
    2. Trusts his employees when delegating work;
    3. Guides, mentors & inspires;
    4. Never gives up on the team working under him, allowing them to learn from mistakes;
    5. Raises expectations of his employees so that they grow & develop, stepping back quietly to let them spread their wings;
    6. Speaks honestly & frankly;
    7. Makes firm decisions on resolving issues instead of letting them fester & go on indefinitely;
    8. Ensures harmonious relationships between him & individual employees and between the employees themselves;
    9. Is always attentive to the problems an employee may face & report about at the workplace;
    10. Is a sounding board when needed;
    11. Does not indulge in petty politics & blame games;
    12. Takes the responsibility for a work done badly and gets it rectified;
    13. Shows appreciation for work well done and gives credit where it is due, even willing to take guidance himself and express appreciation for the same when required.

    Above all else: Never lets his personal ego take centre stage.

    Managing Editor,

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    A leader must be sincere, dedicated and loves his duty, and apart from this a leader should be a good: Listener, Follower, Speaker, Guider, Reader, Thinker, Philosopher, Adviser, Decision-maker, Performer, Analyst, Teacher, Critic, and finally she/he must be admired and elected by everyone.
    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    There was kind a full form taught to us during my NCC days. It use to tell all essential qualities required for leadership.
    I couldn't remember, may be if you can find an NCC book you can find it there. It perfectly defines a leader.
    For me a good leader is humble most of the time. She knows how use all resources available perfectly. She know how to keep her team motivated and in high moral. She must be easy to reach but difficult to deny. She always stay successfully in maintaining unity among her team members.
    During the times of risk the leader should always stand forward and be ready to take all harm to himself. This should reflect in her. Leadership traits also includes that during the time of scarcity a leader should be ready to sacrifice first.
    She should not have favoritism in her team and must know strength and weakness of her team members.
    When you dominate other, there are more chances of being rebelled, better is to stay aware of the mental situation of your team and act accordingly. Dominance or ordering tone should be used rarely for handling emergency and making your team work extraordinarily which must be followed by reward and words of appreciation for performers and whole team.
    Another way to become a good leader when you are not part of any group or team is to keep your self always right. Undefined team will choose you to be the leader by itself. They will start following your ways, examples set by you. That happens when you are with your friends, siblings, neighbors or just in any group discussing over a small topic. How genuine you are make you like- able and follow-able.

    Chitra Rana

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    I think the most distinguishing qualities of a leader are presence of mind and out of the box thinking. Crisis management is something which makes a person stand out of the crowd as a real leader. So I think these two qualities are the first and foremost qualities that a leader must possess in addition to other social skills.

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