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    Why some children like the food of others and other homes ?

    Feeding the child is the hectic task for the mothers and some of them literally walk in the colony road with the child on the shoulder to convince him to eat. But he wont budge. I have seen mothers forcing the food on the children instead of knowing their taste and liking of foods. In this regard what I observed that those children who give annoying experience to their mothers, would eat the offered food in other homes with so much good behavior. What we come to know from this that mothers must understand the child and prepare such food liked by them.
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    Only mothers are responsible for such behavior of the children as at the time of the birth they are totally innocent without having preference for any particular type of food. Later during the process of growing, the mothers introduce them with different types of food etc. Besides offering the food, they train their children in a particular manner.
    The children learn whatever is taught to them and behave accordingly. Generally the first time parents have no experience of raising a child and learn by the trial and method only when living away from their home as a nuclear family. In the joint families, though experienced grandparents are available, but they perhaps contribute more in spoiling the children by showering them with excessive love and affection.
    Such children start throwing tantrums at the time of eating and otherwise also in general.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    @ K mohan normally the human behavior is they like their own knowledge and others wife. ( do not take in other words of my statement). Similarly we get acquainted with our mom made daily foods, thats why when ever we visit friends, or other family member's house we love their food. ( This is not compulsory ).
    It is because the taste get change, but if you go repeatedly then you will realize and miss your home made food rather than their home.
    This is not a big issue and no body should get blamed for that whether it is mom or child, this is not the mistake of any body.

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    It is really true that so many children like thefood plate of others rather than their own and like to stay for long hours in the home of others rather than in their own . it is only because of the impatient behaviour and their lack of ability to understand what is right and wrong for them . The thought process of them is not matured to understand that what is good or bad for them . The plate of others might most unhealthy food item but they just want to eat them without considering what is favourable for them . Simillarly, they they think that their is something quite interesting in other homes and they assume their own home to be boring one. So it is the part of the nature of children that they believe other people's things quite fascinating one.

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    There is a saying in Tamil,'ikkarakku akkara pachchai' which means everything is green if we see from here. Like this the children,sorry, not only children even many of us like hotel food than home. What does it mean? Is that mean that our house people do not prepare foods in good manner? No, this is just for taste of our tongue. I have people who never eat outside of their house. My boss's son never eat dosa in home but eat two dosas in hotels. My brother's daughter eats well without any fudge in outside when we go to hotel or marriage parties. These are all just interests. Sometimes we ourselves interested to eat some item but could not get the same on the day itself but if we are ready to prepare in the house by ourselves, it is ok.

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    The thread touches upon multiple aspects.

    1. Variety. Kids and almost all of us seek variety. Most working parents tend to feed their kids with foods that can be prepared quickly and which require the least set up time. Corn flakes, Idlis and Poha are some of them. Due to the constraint of time, they fail to experiment. So, the kids would obviously prefer tasting a new dish that his friend's mother makes.

    2. Quality and presentation. Not all of us are born chefs. But we surely can improve the quality of the dishes we prepare. The look and smell of the dish are the deciding factors of whether the kid is going to taste that food or not. That's also exactly why we end up ready to pay 3 times for the same dish in restaurants. Ambience and feel really makes a difference. Asking for cooking tips from your neighbor while you gossip would do huge in the long run. Who said Idli has to be round? Triangle works wonders. Kids love bright colours and shapes. Trying mixing up things.

    3. Involvement. Rather than calling kids only when the dish is ready, try giving them small responsibilities during the preparation phase itself. This surely works for slightly older kids. Being involved in the process gives them the sense of ownership and they tend to relish the dish much better.

    Let's see the world from different perspectives

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    Aditya you made some interesting points and that needs to be thought over and implemented by the moms who are sick with the nagging kids on food acceptance.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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