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    Positive and negative........... In Whatsapp apps

    Hello Friends,

    Today's up to date news arriving app whatsapp. I think from the time this app is introduced most of the people are misusing for negative purpose than for positive purpose. Every Tom Dick Harry news or any rubbish is sent through this app for group. I think only 10% of them are using this app for educative purpose. By whatsapp app I think we are not bothered about others difficulties neither want to help them.

    One recent incident a few months ago which we all no is that nelmangala accident. When that victim met with an accident and was crying for help to save him, none of them came to help him instead busy taking video's. I think the time the people took to take videos could make any some arrangement to help him. Whether that victim survives or no that is secondary, at least anybody could help him. At last the victim only had human values and donated his organs. After all that! the very next moment his accident video was running in whatsapp as curious news. I just don't no who shared that first and what they proved by sharing such a video to social media. Many such kind videos are shared in whatsapp.

    So Please friends first thing we are human beings who care for others, by this whatsapp app please don't lose it. Use this app for a good purpose or for helping others.
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    The wonderful world of internet and its possible applications are still being used by the users as toys for getting trills. Each day many new users are joining WhatsApp, Facebook and such other social media. We see the profiles of old generation people are also being created by the children of next generation. Joining such apps/media has become a fashion. The college going children on discovering that their friend's parents have their profile, find themselves somewhat retrograde and create profile of their own parents also.
    Thus we are still in learning, experimenting and playing phase.
    In such a scenario , people are dying while taking selfies and those who know as to how to make a video are relishing the thrills of posting pics and videos.
    They aspire to get more likes than their friends and making their posted videos viral.
    I feel that after few years, the trend will get moderated to some extent.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    If you dont like whatsapp sharing then why did you write this message at this forum? Simply we want the news should be spread to other, and whatsapp is one of the media through which now days any news can spread easily and quickly. So the person shared that video at whatssapp.
    It is different issue who is going to help the victim or just wanted to share the news. Some time due to fear and selfishness they dont help others but spread the problems with other so that another person can help that victim. there is no bad whether he/she spread that in Facebook or whatssapp.

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    The whats app application on every cell phone has good advantages and if people use it wisely, it can be put to greater advantage. For traders whats app become a very good tool to promote their business. Suppose they want to sell the new varieties of items, and they simply take the photo and send to the required customer and thus positive orders are forth coming to them. As regards to negative effects, we know that some unsolicited images and videos are shared by our friends which not only occupies the space but also disturbs our routine. I am totally against the rubbish messages coming through whats app. The application is very good and each family is using it for group messages so that every one connected to the group gets the messages instantly and they know it in one go. Especially birthdays, marriage days and other joyful events are shared in one message and known to all. That is very good advantage.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    As mentioned in response #571485, the video may be shared to enlighten the people who are willing to help. Anyway, most of the people are using technology (WhatsApp here) in an improper way. For example, if internet is used properly by students, the ranking system may become extinct. Obviously, it takes more time to learn through school/college classes than to learn through internet. There is a video in YouTube which shows Tyrese Gibson (actor) shedding tears at his on screen and off screen best friend Paul Walker's funeral. The person who uploaded that video got heavy criticism in the form of comments and dislikes. Such people must change their attitude or else they will definitely pay for it one day or the other.

    Let us continue learning.

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