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    Spot the difference!

    Many times when you are wandering in a barren land, you might find an animal. You try your best to identify it. Here are a few tips with which you can identify better.
    We see that cheetah,jaguar and leopard look identical.
    It's quite easy to recognise them, but people quite often call leopards as cheetahs,due to ignorance.
    Cheetahs are slender built, with circular spots on fur.
    They have two black lines running down their noses.

    Leopards on other hand are heavier and they climb trees.
    They have rectangular spots.

    Jaguars are found only in North and South Americas, and they look quite similar to a leopard, just a bit heavier.
    In the similar way many identical animals can be distinguished.
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    Yes, it is correct. Many people can't differentiate between cheetah ('chita' in Bengali) and leopard ('chitabagh' in Bengali. Cheetah has been extinct in India. Similarly, in earlier days, people of eastern part of the country couldn't differentiate between camel ('ut' in Bengali) and ostrich ('utpakihi' in Bengali), simply because both the animals were unknown to them.
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    I remember having participated in the following thread in the month of April this year -
    How to distinguish between Cheetha, Panther and Leopard?
    At that time I had come across the following thread also while researching -
    Can you able to distinguish between a Cheetah, Jaguar and a Leopard?

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Well, this information is useful. All these days, I thought jaguars and leopards are the same. However, I know the difference between cheetah and a leopard as one of my friends told me once. And thanks to Mr. Kailash Kumar (for mentioning those threads), I now know the difference between cheetah, jaguar, leopard and panther too.

    Let us continue learning.

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    And we think that we know every thing and some times even the children has so many information which is not known to us and this the the classic example of such information.
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