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    What all are the advantages and disadvantages of building lifting technology.

    Building lifting technology using hydraulic jack is now one among the new and renowned method used in civil engineering. I just wanted to know what all are its merits and demerits. Also how this actually works and importance in future. Expecting for some elaborate explanation about this topic.
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    The other day I had the opportunity to watch a video on how a building which was below the road level and being lifted above the road level simply through the usage of many jacks which lifts the building to a particular level without disturbing the structure. The operation is cumbersome and needs greater care and attention. Little miscalculation may lead to destroy of the building and the contractor has to bear the entire cost. It seems to be a fetching technology, but risk factors are more and the money involved in just one silly mistake would prove danger to the entire project. So think twice and chose the subject.
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    By use of building lifting technology, the level of houses, which are below the street level and sewage water regularly flows in, is raised. Totally demolishing the house and reconstructing the same involves much more cost and time as well compared to raising its level by use of building lifting technology.
    In this technology, the foundations of the building are broken up and removed with small excavators. The natural ground is stabilized and if required and a new foundation or concrete slab is installed. The building is then installed back on the new foundation and secured.
    RCC houses are easier to lift. Masonry houses are also shifted, but it is more challenging to lift such houses because of their design, construction and weight.

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    Thanks for the response. It really helped me but i also wanted to know how the foundations are cut or separated, i meant using which tool they cuts building foundions. Also it will be really helpful if someone could explain me in detail on how this building lifting technique is implemented, from its basics onwards step by step.

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    This is an image of a building being lifted using hydraulic jacks.

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    The organization Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) under US Department of Homeland Security, has published following resource which is available in the public domain -
    The author may go through the same for detailed information about methods used in house lifting etc.

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    Thanks a lot Kailash sir. The above mentioned pdf just clarified all my doubts. This latest technology was little hard for me to find online and i had only one journal to refer named "Journal of International Academic Research for Multidisciplinary". Feels happy that ISCians just shares latest knowledge for others. Appreciated.

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