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    Do we lost vitamins and proteins when cooking the vegetables?

    As we all know different vegetables have different vitamins,proteins and minerals associated with them as they will safe guard our body parts and also energizes us but when we cook those vegetables under heat. Do vegetables lost their proteins,minerals and vitamins? some people say that is the reason they will eat raw vegetables of carrot,cucumber even potatoes,tomatoes e.t.c. Do cooking vegetables have sufficient vitamins,proteins and minerals.Knowledgeable members please respond to the question.
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    Water-soluble nutrients are lost in the cooking process. These nutrients are drawn into the water added to the food being cooked and/or released from the vegetables along with the juices when the cooking process begins. The minerals can evaporate with the steam that is generated during the cooking process.

    The best way to preserve nutrients while cooking is to cover food as it is being cooked, so there is less water loss. Another trick that works is to quicken the cooking process, so there is minimal water loss. That means using a pressure cooker will preserve nutrients better than a cooking in a large saucepan. Covering the vessel will preserve nutrients better than cooking in an open vessel.

    Another way to prevent nutrient loss is to chop the vegetables into large chunks. Doing so ensures that there is less nutrient loss when cooking.

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    Normally when we cook the vegetables with oil as deep fry or add water for proper and deep cooking of vegetables, we are surely removing the protein and vitamin contents and thus we are eating only residues. Therefore many people prefer taking vegetables like onions, carrot, beet root or radish as raw which is made as the vegetable salad and that good for health too. But if vegetables are cooked with minimum fire with the gas stove, the vitamins and proteins wont be wasted through vapor. Hence house hold must follow this practice to at least have some protein or vitamin in cooked vegetables.
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    Every cooking process entails loss of nutrients. Even exposure to heat, light or oxygen alters the nutrients available in food. Cutting and washing the vegetables also reduces the amounts of nutrients present as these get 'washed out'.
    However cooking is done as it reduces the number of possible malignant microbes, increases the digestibility and availability of certain phytonutrients.
    Heating affects mostly the vitamin and fat content of foods. Boiling process allows increase in temperatures only up to 100 degree centigrade, but deep frying in oil involves rise in temperature much higher. Therefore more lose of nutrients in involved in deep frying of food items as higher the temperature, more is the possible lose. Generally at smoke point chemical structure of the nutrients get modified.
    Chemical processes like hydrolysis and decomposition takes place during the cooking process. The structure of proteins changes with heat e.g. an egg looks very different from its raw form to its cooked forms like boiled eggs and omelette etc. which is mostly due to a rearrangement of its structural proteins.

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    What Kailash has mentioned is also correct. Vegetables also begin to lose nutrients over a period of time. That is why it is stressed that fruits and vegetables should be eaten fresh. The longer they are stored after being plucked, the more nutrient loss will occur.

    Nutrients are also lost when food is reheated, repeatedly.

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    There is a close connection between 'taste' of the food and its processing at higher temperature by deep frying. Though it is very much possible to create healthy dishes which are tasty , but the deep frying method i.e. processing at higher temperatures which essentially entails loss of nutrients are more popular. Thus one has to sacrifice nutrients for the sake of taste.
    On lighter side we can remark that the nutrients in its distorted form are tastier.

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    Let the analysis of whether losing vitamins etc., while cooking the vegetables etc.,keeping one side, my wife used to boil the vegetables for curry or palya and without wasting the water in which the vegetables boiled used for preparing sambar or rasam. Through this we will gain the vitamins etc., if told losing. On asking she told me that that this was practiced by my mother (her mother-in-law). Besides this i used keep the bindi etc., the vegetables which are to be used for curry with semi boiled in the top portion lid which has holes while boiling dhal for sambar.

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    As well as vitamins and other nutrients the food should be consumable and should easily digestible, then only we can it is as healthy food.
    yes this is true that by cooking we loose some vitamins through the vapor, as different people is having different cooking style. There are some menu even after boiling it does not need to strain the water, so the vitamins stays in that juice or gravy. But if we do not cook we can not eat all vegetables as it will not easily digest and will cause us several problems and diseases.

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