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    Mrs. Kejriwal has taken voluntary retirement!

    Politics never fails to surprise us! Yesterday I came to know that Mrs. Sunita Kejriwal, wife of present Delhi CM Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, has taken voluntary retirement from Govt. Service. So what is the big deal about it? Mrs. Kejriwal belonged to Indian Revenue Service (an all-India Service). She has spent almost her entire service of 22 years in Delhi! Her illustrious husband, the epitome of fight against corruption and for probity in public life, also belonged to IRS and he also spent his entire service in Delhi. Now Mrs. Kejriwal has been forced to take voluntary retirement when her posting outside Delhi can't be further postponed.

    Every Government employee knows that it is highly irregular for an all India Service officer to remain in the same place for 18 years/22 years (Mr. Kejriwal/Mrs.Kejriwal). In many cases departmental proceedings have been initiated for posting in the same place for even 5 years! Then how can the great couple, the beacon of light against corruption, continued enjoying their entire service in Delhi?

    Can anybody explain this to me?
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    Well being the wife of CM, Mrs Kejriwal should have done this long back. She should have been the helping hand and savior to the tasks undertaken by her husband. Moreover the remarks on AAP government is increasing as Kejriwal seems to be confronting the center on every small setback he faces., In this circumstances his wife taking voluntary retirement from her services surely benefits Kejriwal who wants a best adviser for every moves. So let Mrs Kejriwal be a best pillar and strength behind her husband during this trying times and be winner of future.
    K Mohan
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    Mr. Mohan, my thread has also discussed the matter of posting/transfer of All-India Services Officers!
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    There was a news item in the year 2014 also about Sunita Kejriwal, the better half of Arvind Kejriwal quitting her IRS job. However she has now taken voluntary retirement after serving the Income Tax department for nearly 22 years. Her VRS is effective from July 15, 2016. She will be able to enjoy her pensionary benefits as per rules as she has served more than 20 years in service.
    There are reports in the media that she feared victimization by the central Government amid the ongoing tussle between the AAP party and the BJP.
    She holds a Masters degree in Zoology.
    She was unable to campaign openly for Arvind Kejriwal during his elections because of her service rules compulsions.
    I see a great promotion for her as a minister in near future in the Delhi Government.

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