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    Do you ever written name Lord Rama for one crore times in books?

    Some people in olden days have a habit of writing of Lord Rama name for one crore times in a book in Telugu we call it as Rama koti they think that they will reach heaven or paradise on doing so.There is a Sanskrit saying 'Sath vakyaha sathatam smarami' means a good word always do good when you remember or recollect and reproduce many times that will also take to heaven place. Some times in Telugu we say lord Rama, lord Rama ante punyam purshardham' means it will give lots of virtuous act or a good deed and it will yield good result.So did you ever write Lord Rama name for one crore times.Knowledgeable members please respond to the question.
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    Well writing the Sri Rama Nama has been the practice from the childhood, but never had the opportunity to count as the books thus completed would be deposited with the temples from where the prayer has been initiated. My daughter is ardent believer of writing Lord Ram names and she has been writing when ever free times is there. One thing is sure those who have written this great name, have never failed in their life and their success rate among others would be more and fetching. Even my son use to write previously but he had discontinued due to time constraints.
    K Mohan
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    It is purely up to one's personal faith and beliefs. In case an individual, develops a steadfast belief that by writing the name of God many times will enable him/her to achieve something, then let it be so.
    Many practice chanting the name of God using a rosary for counting.
    However perhaps the best form of offering prayers to the God is to be humble and respectful and request for guidance, forgiveness, praying for others and being thankful.
    Writing God's name one crore times is definitely associated with at least one benefit as the individual concerned will remain occupied for longer periods in the process and thus refrain from indulging in activities of negative connotations.
    Many people indulge themselves in 'bhajan and kirtan' type of practices to derive intended benefits, but generally it is seen that many women/men avail as occasions as social gathering and resort to other kind of mundane activities during the period.
    Writing name in solitude is perhaps a better option than 'bhajan and kirtan'.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    In West Bengal, the students write the name of Goddess Saraswati in school-books, but certainly not one crore times! If a student writes the names of Gods/ Goddesses one crore time, when will he/she study?
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    I haven't, and I can't see what benefit that could be to anyone except the notebook and writing instrument industries. If it was possible to reach heaven by writing a word one crore times, it would put the illiterate at a disadvantage. It would be a strange god who gives the literate an undue advantage to entering heaven.

    Besides, if it were that easy, I don't suppose anyone would have had to worry about sinning. Just copy/paste the word one crore times, and you have your ticket to heaven.

    People are always free to believe what they like, but like much of religion, I find it superstitious.

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    There was a summer camp held in my neighborhood, when I was a kid. The focus of this camp was to inculcate culture through modern methods.

    One initiative within the camp was to write the name of a god in as many pages as you can. The only two conditions put forth were that the pages must be unused leftover ones, like the few individual pages left after using a notebook or diary, and that each page must be completely filled with atleast 100 repetitions of the same name.
    The interesting part that we got 1 rupee for each page we wrote ! For a 9 year old kid, this was a nice investment.
    Due to the condition put forth, we had to mine out unused books and pages which ultimately resulted in us kids cleaning up our homes that summer. Whether it has booked a ticket in heaven or not, it surely was a simple way to teach the importance of saving money and resources while learning traditions simultaneously.

    They still have the binded version of all our pages at their office!

    Let's see the world from different perspectives

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    Frankly writing. One Crore is a very big number. It should have been a lakh only. When I met the great religious preacher and devotee of Lord Sri Karthikeya late Sri. Thirumuruga Kirupananda Variar of the south, while traveling on a train, I was blessed by him. When I sought an autograph from him, He wrote - Irai theduvathodu Iraiyum thedu" and signed dated 13.7.1984. (In Tamil Irai means - Food. Another meaning is God) The meaning of his autograph is - " Not only search for food, but also search for God." What a wonderful way of asking me to have faith and think about God.

    That made me think about the possible ways to search God. Suddenly, it appeared in my mind that I should take the name of the God every day regularly without fail. As I am a devotee of Lord Sri Vishnu, Balaji(Venkateswara) I decided to write "SRI RAMA JAYAM" 108 times every day before going to bed. It takes less than 5 minutes to write 108 Sri Rama Jayam in a single page. I bought a large size notebook for this purpose and started this practice.

    It gave/gives/will give immense pleasure and satisfaction to my mind. All my days were good and expected to be good in future too. I was successful in all my attempts. On 20th June 2016, I changed the notebook. As on 20th June 2016, I have completed writing Sri Rama Jayam 12,56,820 times. Of course, it won't be possible for me to write One crore times. Even if I had started this practice from my childhood, I would not have crossed one crore time.

    If I miss or forget to write it on a day, the following day would be an unpleasant day for me.

    SRI RAMA JAYAM. May Lord Sri Ram bless all my ISC colleagues and their families. SRI RAMA JAYAM.

    No life without Sun ¤

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    I am writing a small story for the explanation.
    One day Nard Muni got to know that a farmer has become the big devotee of Lord Vishnu and Lord Vishnu giving him priority, then he complained to Lord Vishnu as I am taking your name every second where as that farmer is just taking your name in early morning and before going to bed so two times in a day.
    Then why he took my place?
    Then Lord Vishnu send him for a world tour with a full pot of water, and order that a single drop should not fall ,then Narad muni take the order and started his journey and his focus was only on that pot and forget to take the name ( as he always chant Narayan, Narayan). After he come back Lord Vishnu explained even the farmer has lots of work, no proper food, not a better life still he never forget to take my name twice daily.
    So no need of writing this 1 crore time.

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    I do not believe writing Sri Ram a crore times will not bring you any happiness. Just keep reciting his name whenever you are free. That would bring you luck. Have the habit of chanting his name.

    Writing names would be counted as a chore and your heart will not lie in this task.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    Actually, writing 'Sri Rama' for a crore times is very difficult than it looks. Just imagine a page containing table with 50 rows and 20 columns i.e. 1000 cells. Writing one such page takes about half an hour. And, you should fill 10,000 such pages to complete a crore times i.e. a total of about 5000 hours. So, even if you spend 5 hours per day, it takes about 1000 days (3 years) to complete a crore times. Therefore, its difficult. In my opinion, reciting the word would be better than trying to write for it for a crore times.

    Let us continue learning.

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    Let us not try to rationalise and intrude upon someone's right and freedom to have some belief and faith as far as it remains personal, private and does not infringe or intrude upon our freedom and movement.

    Others beliefs and faith may appear foolish and illogical to us. There may be more irrational actions, beliefs and faiths each one of us may have which w believe as right and rational.

    We know the effect of writing 'imposition' in schools. The writing of holy names have many indirect effect such as focusing mind on something and preventing distraction for a lazy mind. People who are lonely get a feeling that they have someone close by and feel secure.
    In positive thinking tutorials we have heard that repeating to ourselves or writing 'I am confident', or 'I am going to win today' etc reinforce confidence in one. That is akin to self hypnotising. There is a reinforcement.
    Just because the word written is 'Sri Rama' let us not try to belittle that. For some or many 'word 'Sri Rama' is akin to ' You are not alone, I am here to help you".

    When Rajanikanth(Basha) says ' 'Naan oru thadavai sonna, nooru thadavi sonna madhiri' the naive believe and clap.

    Repeating 'Rama' instils more confidence than 'Basha' to many.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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