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    What would you be doing had ISC not been founded?

    If you are reading this, then this question is directed at you. What would you have done if ISC did not exist? Many members make it a point to show their presence on ISC in some form or other. A few members that I am used to seeing daily, in the forum, are Kailash, Mohan and Partha (to name a few). They post responses and forum threads regularly. I am certain; there must be others, who are active in the other sections, on a daily basis.

    Considering, the considerable amount of time you spend every day in your active participation on ISC I was wondering how best you would have spent your time if this opportunity was not available to you.
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    Internet has provided many avenues to the individuals for getting engaged in various kinds of activities. There are activities involving creative pursuits as well as time pass activities. Though the most commonly known time pass activities are social media/apps like Facebook, WhatsApp etc., but there are many other addictive kinds of internet activities also.
    There are many other websites involved in activities similar to ISC. As a matter of fact ISC is not a pioneer in its field, though there are certain unique features like awarding cash credits/RSB etc. which are generally not available in such similar sites.
    Most of the members get attracted to ISC because of the charm of 'earning' . This is the reason that the attrition rate is very high as the 'earning' enthusiasts soon realize, that earning is not easy.
    Not only in my own case, but I think in the case all other regular members also who are regulars, the earning part is not the attraction which keeps us bound with ISC.
    Though the question raised by the author is hypothetical in nature, but still I would answer by saying that I would have perhaps engaged myself with some other kind of internet activity in absence of ISC.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Fortunate are those who joined ISC, and unfortunate are those who don't even know what is ISC. Had I not joined ISC, I would have been an unfortunate person outside ISC and must be mingling with the billion of people of India and enjoying a different type of life. Can't say what I would be doing. There are many avenues open for a common man, not only ISC.
    No life without Sun ¤

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    Well if ISC was not there, then I would spend time on internet searching for useful information and also go through the on line news portals. I would also play the book worm game and build my vocabulary profess. Moreover since I am having account in many social sites, surely I shall share the information and see for more of them and thus kill the time. Now that I am having this site, why to think of in negative and bang my head. As far as my breathe stays and as far as this site stays, I shall be associated with this for ever and even more. That is my commitment.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    On Internet millions of web sites are available to write down and share your views and thoughts.
    If there is no ISC I might have engaged with other site as I am an internet savvy, so I joined ISC. This is the liking of an individual as well as the interest towards the site. As i was using Orkut social networking before Facebook developed, but after Facebook I found that is more interesting and switch that social networking profile.

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    Until the day I became a member of ISC, my daily tasks are playing mobile games (I regret doing it then), watching English movies (to learn better English), going to college and the routine tasks like eating etc,. That changed from the day I joined ISC. I stopped playing mobile games and started contributing to ISC (I like doing it now) in that time. This site not only helps me to learn but also helps me to earn. And, I got my first and second earnings from ISC. Now, I am thinking why didn't I know about ISC some years back when I had more free time. If there is no ISC, I would have been wasting time now. So, thank you ISC.

    Let us continue learning.

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    What would have we studied if the course and college we studied was not found?
    Whom we would have married if we had not found our (this) spouse?
    What if there is no website like ISC?
    What if we had not joined the current job?
    Are not these questions simply hypothetical?
    If we are not self seeking flatterers, to say it as a matter of fact, we would have chosen another available alternative.
    I had also raised a similar hypothetical thread ....Forum section is removed in ISC, and if so what you will do? There is also another thread in the archives dealing in a similar context.
    Personally I am of the conviction that the world is very large and it has sufficient space to give us our rightful place, and we would have got it anyway.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    My answer is simple. In the absence of ISC, I would continue writing in another website more frequently. In actuality, my association with that website is much older. In fact I joined ISC because I was banned by that site for one month when one of my controversial answers on the army-politician nexus in a neighbouring country was reported and objected (from some officials of that country).
    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

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    Well, if ISC was not there, I would have been active writing things on any other site or forum. Actually, I had registered on ISC in 2010, but was never active here. I was not able to identify the importance of the site back then.

    It was in 2015 January that I joined Techulator and then came back to ISC through that. But, before these sites which have completely changed my online behaviour - I was active on many of those forums in different topics.

    But, yes - there would not have been the perks that we enjoy now - the cash credits, recognition, improved language skills. ISC has been the best (along with other sister sites) in those matters.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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