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    Let us learn as to how to post responses on active GDs of ISC.

    Most of us will agree that we do learn a few things from ISC almost on daily basis by participating in its various sections/activities.
    Let us discuss for learning as to how to become a best participant in the active GDs organised by ISC occasionally.
    We may take the recently concluded active GD on the topic ' Should Delhi be an independent State? Will Dexit follow Brexit?' as an example for discussion. I actively participate in the GD and posted 6 responses out of total 54. However my responses could not qualify for making me one of the selected 4 best participants.
    The most likely reason may be that the responses were out of context/relevant. The other reason may be that the same breached policies/guidelines of ISC or the rules/instructions of the contest.
    Please help me in improving my performance in the next active GD by offering me advice regarding the subject matter.
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    Generally I divide my entire arguments in three-four parts and I present them gradually (two justifications at at a time, for example). After furnishing my entire justifications in three to four responses, I take care of questions/clarifications sought from me by other contestants, if any. Lastly, I thank other contestants and wish them luck.
    Following this style, I have achieved success in all the GDs I have participated so far.

    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

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    Group discussion is about to discuss with any side of your views but you should stay stick to your points with valid words. I do not think there is any guide lines of ISC which causes you not to get selected as the best 4 participants.
    in next GD just try to defend all your post message and try to answer the objection raised by your opponent member. Hope you will get selected as best participants, as per my observation since last two week of my joining you are a good writer as well as most active in this forum section.

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    I think you are unfortunate to lose the best participant award. There was a total of 11 participants and 5 have been selected as best participants. Though you were in the three men group with 6 responses each, you all the three must have been graded as good better and best. You remained 'good' I think. The better and best got selected and you were dropped, I think. Had you posted one more response to make it 7, I am sure, you could have been one among the best participant.

    Doesn't matter. In the next Active GD, you can try your best to overcome the deficiencies noticed by you in this Active GD. The more meaningful responses and counter responses you post, your winning chances are bright.

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    I will try to follow the advice offered by the fellow ISCians. However I, have so far been selected as one of the best participant in following GDs-
    1. Is 'NOTA' essential in the ballot paper?
    2. Can an Aptitude test decide a career path?
    3. Is education essential for Ministers?

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I have won 27 Active GDs and 30 Contests. Now I am fed up of winning GDs and contests. So, I restrict myself with one or two responses in an Active GD. Of course, I regularly participate in contests organized by ISC ME and editors. That gives me an immense pleasure to write whether to win or not to win, but to have the satisfaction of participation.

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    Any award or prize in a competition says just that so and so 'is the best among the lot, at that point of time and under such parameters'.
    Exactly same( I mean similar) performance may get prize at one context and conditions but may be eliminated at another context and situation.

    So let us not be overexcited on getting selection or not over critical or despondent when not selected.
    As regards the thread author, I do not feel that he lacks knowledge how to participate in a GD, with all his experience behind him.

    I did no participate in the GD because I felt that it may need a large number of posts to convincingly put forth my views, and that will be a drag on other participants of the GD. The subject was a serious one needing in depth research and arguments with proper justifications after studying the matter with history and currency.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    Right from the beginning I am not happy with the way the GD is adopted and decided on the winners. I have been insisting time and again that there should be two groups. One for and one against the topic. From two groups certainly those who argue best would be adjudged as the winners. One more thing what the editors fail to gauge is the fact that first response gives some leads on the discussion and that is followed by others but he was totally forgotten for considering the award when the total discussion spins around his concept of argument. Just for this reason I am not taking interest in group discussions. What I am forced to understand that those who appear regularly many times in the discussion are considered the best contributions to the topic and that has no meaning. Surely a sea change must come , otherwise many like me would keep away from the GD.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    I concur with the views expressed by Mohan Ji in his response #571651.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Generally, any group discussion should have a moderator. But at ISC, we see no moderator to organize, check or control the discussion. Even at the end of the discussion, there is no moderation or conclusion by any editor or the author of the Active GD. Earlier, I remember, ISC decided not to allow a single member to post more than five responses. That has been forgotten by ISC. There are members who post lengthy responses in a GD that we get bored to read their responses.
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    #571762: Although there is no rule regarding five or more responses, I think very few participants posted more than five responses. However, I don't understand the scope of moderator in this type of GD which is held virtually.
    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

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    It seems, there is no other go other then jumping into the fray and see that our hard earned wins in the recently concluded GD contest, stands good. Initially I was averse to post my response, but illogical responses by experienced members like Mohan and Sun has made me to have my say too.

    Mr Kailash, you say you concur with Mohan's views. Now Mohan says that the person who gives the first response should be considered for the award. Now the first response was a one-liner and the person didn't post any further arguments to support his view. So, in this case you agree that the person should have been awarded.

    Mohan also says that number of responses is only that matters in deciding the best participants. If that was so, then why didn't your name feature among the winners? You too had posted a good number of responses. I can understand your anguish, with your active participation, you expected to win. Yes, number of responses do affect outcomes, if they are valid, to the point and are all original arguments of one's own. It's obvious, more the arguments more will be the responses. In this context, many of your arguments were not original. They were not your own thought. They were less of arguments and more of general information that one can find on net. You attacked a constitutional head of a state personally, whereas, it was specifically mentioned in the thread to refrain from attacking any leader personally.

    So I hope you got some inputs on where you lacked in the last GD. What mostly matters is being original in your views, and that was what was lacking in your responses. Also, do take care not to concur with someone's view blindly. Have your own original ideas. Otherwise, you know what the whole world will say, "grapes are....".

    Patience and perseverance pays

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    I like the GD and would love to participate if the subject comes according to my taste. I simply don't jump to GD when I have less idea about the subject. However, in GD the number of post of course matter a lot to win a GD. Just 5-6 response would not be enough to win it, also it matter as how you are ending with your response. There should not need to create two groups, when a GD start, the groups automatic comes in two. One who oppose the other who support. You have to keep posting and debating your thoughts. You have to keep coming on your points continuously. Obviously, it is not easy that every time you have to come up with your new thoughts. So, those who does that, becomes winner.
    "Any man who stands for progress has to criticize, disbelieve and challenge every item of the old faith." - Sardar Bhagat Singh

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    I thank all the fellow ISCians who have responded on this thread and shared their insight. I am satisfied that the thread has served its intended objectives.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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