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    Pokemon Go: New generation game bagged top online visitors

    Pokemon Go is a newly released game by Nintendo group which used latest technology for gaming. This may open up a new era in the field of gaming. Till now children used to play games on their mobile by simply sitting idle inside their houses but things are now going to change. Pokemon Go is played by exploring outside world and catching different new Pokemons. Also gym battles are also provided to make it much more interesting.

    Cyber cell has now revealed that Pokemon Go has bagged top number to online visitors and had congratulated Nintendo group for their hardword on this new generation game. So what do you guys think of this? How will it affect on our coming generations? Fingers crossed for better and improved version of this game in future.
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    It seems to be interesting game as it induces the player to get out of the home and walk on the road to find out Pokemon and poke them. This game is introduced to induce walking habit and exercise among the children, otherwise they are getting lazy. It is being played by elders too and in the garb of doing walking, they are poking many Pokemon . In fact I recommend this game to every one who are stay put indoor for many hours and wont come out. For children this game is really enterprising and they are getting accustomed to walking exercise..
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    As a game, it's pretty terrible at the moment. It desperately needs more features like trainer battles and trading.

    As a social phenomenon, though, Pokemon GO is utterly fascinating. I'd be very interested to see what impact it has when in launches in India, seeing as for a lot of Indians, this will be their first Pokemon game.

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    These days, children are getting no physical work due to video games etc,. They are spending most of their time for playing video games etc., which is a time waste in my opinion. But, this game is a lot different. It involves physical work. Every child needs physical work for maintaining good health. This game can provide a significant help in making the children to do some physical work.

    Let us continue learning.

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    The motive behind this game seems to be encouraging especially when the children are encouraged to have healthy walking. After all, Pokemon is a game and this has to be seen how far these children can spare time for the physical exercises after the indulgence with this game. We need to reevaluate its impact with the progress of the time.

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    Users across Europe and US are complaining that they are not able to access the game as the servers have crashed due to its heightened popularity.
    I don't play video games and therefore, am not aware much about the various features of the video games. However, I have heard that it makes the children as well as adults addictive and deprives them of the physical activity.
    As per responses posted above by the ISCians, it appears that the particular game under discussion involves some physical activity as the users will have to visit outdoor places also.
    However, it will have to be seen if the addicted users venturing outdoor are not exposing themselves to the risks due to traffic on roads etc.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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