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    What is more important - our own happiness or others miseries?

    Generally it is observed that many people find more solace in other's miseries compared to what they derive in their own happiness.
    Such people are always looking for loopholes in others affairs and even celebrate on finding a major fault in them.
    However, having such an attitude ruins their own happiness as they don't find time to enjoy the same, remaining busy in their scouting for others miseries.
    Many such people of negative thinking even go to the extent of harming themselves in their pursuits for seeing the others in miserable conditions.
    What is more important - our own happiness or others miseries?
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    Such feelings develop in people mainly due to the surroundings (family, friends, neighbors) in which they live. But, I don't think people harm themselves to cause misery to others. Anyway, finding happiness in others' miseries is a very bad habit and a disease in my opinion. Such people are a cancer to the society. May god have mercy on them all. We should at least try to help the people in misery and our own happiness must always be given highest priority when compared to the happiness from others' miseries.

    Let us continue learning.

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    What I feel that there is nothing better than joy of giving happiness to others and getting solace from that. It may be cash or in kind. If you see a smile on the face of a person who needs our help , that is enough and that points that you are successful in your life. What is the use of getting happiness over others sorrow. That is wrong. Because good or bad times would come to any one in cycle and problems faced by others should not be taken as joyful time for us. Reach out to those who are in miseries and get heart full of their blessings to us and that will lead to great progress.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Both are important. But the preference to others miseries. But should never be our happiness should arise from others miseries. Problems and miseries are for every person at one or other situations.

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    That kind of attitude would be common among a small percentage of people. But, yes - there ARE such people who can even harm themselves to make others life miserable.

    Finding solace in others misery may be a part of human psychology and quite inherent to most humans, but what should be taken care of is other's miseries should not be the cause of our happiness.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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