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    SOS - give me back my sleep!

    With the onset of the monsoon, the mosquitoes have become a real nuisance. The little monsters have snatched my sleep totally. I get up in the morning all haggard and lethargic, totally disinclined to do anything. I'm desperate enough to have sent this SOS - don't laugh! Seriously, do tell me folks what you all are doing to tackle this buzzing, biting menace. Any home-made natural solutions most welcome.

    I have tried lighting incense sticks which supposedly drive them away. I have used the electric Good Knight (liquid in bottle form) just before sleeping (I don't put it on during the night due to the strong smell) and am planning to buy Odomos too.

    Anything which would help the ME get restored back her to her perky, sprightly & alert self would be much appreciated!
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    Mosquito nets are the best solution for handling mosquito menace. In this method, no chemical is involved. Such nets are available in various shapes and designs online also. A superior quality of mosquito net can be bought at a price of around Rs. 1000 which is a pittance for having a peaceful sleep. However, there is one drawback in such systems. They don't stop the buzzing sound of the mosquitoes. To keep the mosquitoes at bay, it is advisable to sleep in the middle of a larger size double bed which is fully protected by an effective mosquito net.
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    The mosquito menace ha to be stopped firstly by finding the main reason for their sudden increase in number.Usually they start breeding in rainy seasons as water gets accumulated easily in the unlikeliest of places.
    Covering all utensils and pouring some oil on the surface of open water areas in the house prevents them from breeding.The most effective way is to use a mosquito flash card and close all doors to kill them,then sleeping in a mosquito net. The irritating buzz wont be heard nor will there be any chances of them disturbing our sleep.
    Coming to home remedies,you can also use camphor balls and Neem oil as a natural mosquito repellent. All you need is 3-4 Camphor balls, 1 cup Neem oil and 1 emptied refill bottle. Fill the bottle with the given ingredients and then fix the bottle to the machine. Now you can use this as a natural mosquito repellent machine.
    The strong odor of mint, which most of us love very much, is loathed by mosquitoes. You can take out the mint oil from the mint extracts or just use the extract as it is to keep mosquitoes away. You can spray the mint oil by pouring it in a spray bottle, or you can apply it on the exposed parts of your body. Alternatively, grow mint shrubs in your garden and prevent any breeding of mosquitoes.

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    Vandana and other ISCian,
    Please try the following suggestions.
    1. Use a good mosquito net
    2. Have a red light 'on' in your bed room.
    3. Finally(Not joking) Please record your own voice in an audio recorder. It should sing " Oh Mosquitoes..... Go away....... ME Vandana (or your own name....)....... want to sleep for the day"(Repeat it as many times as possible) and play it at a reduced volume for the mosquitoes to listen. Switch it off when you find no mosquito around you.
    I am sure, you will be free from mosquito menace.

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    The last one from Sun was unique and unheard of.

    There are many products available in the market which claim to be effective against the mosquitoes. Odomos, Mosquito nets, the ultrasonic machines(!) and what not.

    I use the mosquito repellent spray and the cards ( there are plenty of them like fastgard, active gard and so on) to get relief from those pesky insects.

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    I have no intentions whatsoever of keeping lights on - red or otherwise - in my room as that will cause even less sleep. And if I record my voice & play that whole night along, you think I will sleep?! What about disturbing the neighbours, not to mention waking up the birds and making them start squawking? Please do give sensible, workable suggestions. I am not joking.

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    Regarding other suggestions given here:
    1. I do not really like the idea of putting nets on the windows. In the first place, we have over half a dozen windows. Secondly, we do prefer having natural breeze and light coming in throughout the day with the windows wide open. I quite enjoy especially sitting near the window in the mornings with a cup of coffee & listening to the squirrels & parrots.

    2. The camphor and neem oil may be workable, not sure about extracting mint oil - too lazy to try that! - and don't have much sunlight for plants to grow, with trying to grow various types ending in the poor things dying. Can the oil be put in a spray bottle and sprayed instead of attaching it to the machine? Would that work out ar?

    3. Not heard of the cards product - can you elaborate please Timmappa?

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    I was told that mosquitoes are hatred of Red lights. You need not to have a powerful red light. A miniature red bulb at the entrance to your room would do. Also, the audio should be very mild and not much audible. I was told that mosquitoes home on to light music and melodious voice. It can be tried.

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    First of all, keep the doors & windows closed after 4 PM as the mosquitoes come after that time only.
    Secondly, the best thing is to use sprays like Hit. Don't use it with the AC on. It is a costly matter. Other things like Good night & those cards are pretty useless. They just drug the mosquitoes for some time & when the effect wears off, they just start roaming again.
    Thirdly, buy a mosquito killing racquet. It is a chargeable device & costs around 150 in retail. That is the most effective & cost effective too.

    If you like fresh breeze, than get a wire mesh fixed on every window.

    @Sun:- If that voice recording is your tested formula then why don't you send her your voice recording? She may use it. Maybe the mosquitoes would not be scared by her sweet voice.

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    Vandana, if you are so adamant of not putting nets on windows, or have reservations in using the mosquito coil/ mats or vaporiser available then you have very less alternatives.
    However we cannot leave our ME to the cruel bites of mosquitoes.

    Here is one which I have 'researched', practiced and found effective.

    The mosquitoes locate us by our body smell which they only can sense. So to avoid them we have to mask the body smell. While sleeping we usually cover the body for most parts and keep the face, hands and feet exposed. Some may even cover the feet also. Use thick covers or two layers to cover. Then apply good smelling face powder on exposed parts. Mosquitoes will not bite you as far as the powder smell on your body and body smell is masked. To keep it linger you may use face cream, moisturising cream as base and then apply powder on that. The same effect is obtained,(if you can bear,) by spraying some lingering perfume on the blankets and also on the exposed parts. In case of need reapply powder or perfume when you feel mosquito bite towards early morning.The mosquito repelling creams work on the same principle.

    Mosquitoes bite more those who have 'sweet' blood. They bite les those who consume garlic and onion etc more. You can keep a few balls of crushed garlic in the dark corners and edges of bed room (if you can stand the odour).
    Nets + fumigation is the best traditional method against mosquitoes. You can have 'velcro' nets fixed on windows and doors. They can be removed and fixed as per need.
    But I would suggest the powder-cream method as best as it is personal, least harmful and convenient.

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    I do understand for a person a good deep sleep is necessary for at least 7 hours in the night so that next day would be bright and cheerful. I understand that the author is facing mosquito menace like every one does. What I suggest that smear the whole body with odomos cream which is best to keep the mosquitoes away from biting. If you have Neem tree, then dry the leaves to such an extent that it will become brittle. Then fire the leaves to get smoke. That smoke is enough to weed out mosquitoes for that whole night. Keep the door and windows closed while giving mosquito smoke.
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    Firstly I humbly want to suggest our ME to change 'SOS" (Save Our Soul) to 'SMS' (Save My Soul)! Secondly I would request her to get the windows closed during 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. everyday because, that is the time when mosquitoes enter into the rooms/ apartments.
    "Velcro' nets in the window is a good option to resist mosquitoes. However, instead of various chemicals like 'Goodnight' or coil or 'Odomos', I always prefer good, old mosquito-net for the purpose.

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    Further update: I tried Odomos last night, but I think the effect wore off towards early morning as again got a buzzing in my ear. I also enquired at the chemist shop about the mosquito patch guards. However, did not like the idea at all of sticking all patches all over my hands. Nor did I like the price either - Rs.100 for a pack of 10, which means Rs.10 per patch. Nonsense - why spend so much for something I don't want to use really?

    Gypsy: I think you meant in your response #571563 a recording of Sun's voice (you put 'her' instead of 'your')? Well, in the first place it would be good if you (like Sun) avoided silly sarcastic comments & did not take this thread topic in fun mode as per my request & give sensible suggestions only. Secondly, I get enough of a dose of ISCians during the day so would prefer not to have their voices in my ears at night. A little buzzing mosquito is more bearable I should say! With regard to the other suggestions, which were more to the point of the topic - we do close our windows just after 5p.m. as are aware of that tip of shutting them just before sunset. Yet, the mosquitoes are there, likely because we have ventilator windows above all the windows (ours is old type flat, not like the modern stuffy ones with no cross-ventilation). Those upper windows do have wire netting mesh though. We do not use Hit or any other of those sprays as we had read about these being non-environmental friendly. Do not like the idea either of buying those racquets. I find it cruel.

    Venkiteswaranji: your response #571567 could be workable. I assume you are referring to ordinary talcum powder to be put over a moisturizing cream? Would not mind trying that out. If nothing else, I can have a fragrant sleep!

    Partha: I think SOS is better since it indicates my other family members too who are being troubled by these pests.

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    Vandana #571718 : Thanks for giving my suggestion positive nod.
    In your posts in the first line you mentioned "...the effect wore off towards early morning as again got a buzzing in my ear..". It will be so. That is what I mentioned in my post in the central paragraph "..In case of need reapply powder or perfume when you feel mosquito bite towards early morning..."
    Yes, I mean Talcum powder only. The moisturising cream base is just to hold the powder so that it does not fly of or fall of easily. The better lingering ragrance the better effective the method. I have practiced it and found working well.

    Wish you peaceful,mosquito free, sleep from now on at least.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    Many thanks. The cream-powder method worked like a charm - no buzzing!! I applied a moisturizing cream first on my hands and then liberally put lavender scented talcum powder on it.

    We also do consume onion and garlic regularly. I think I should try out your garlic tip too.

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    Thanks, Vandana, for boldly taking the effort. I used to resort this method for avoiding mosquitoes when we go on tour and have to stay in hotels where mosquito repellent measures like, nets, plug point for mats and liquids etc. are not available. I even keep the talcum powder tin below the cot so that when needed in the early morning I can apply almost involuntarily without opening my eyes and continuing the sleep without breaking it.

    I regret that I did not patent it.!!

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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