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    Do you agree that the spouse is the closest person in one's life?

    At first glance, the question may not appear a very intelligent one.
    However, we have at least few individuals like parents and children who are considered the closest. Here my point is that even among the very closest one mentioned above, the spouse is the closest most.
    During the fag end of the life, people wish to remain in the company of their spouses only. They long for spending maximum time with them and repose maximum trust in them only for getting medical attention and treatment in emergency conditions.
    The spouses know each other like the backs of their palm and often are able to known many things about each other merely through intuitions.
    Do you agree that the spouse is the closest person in one's life?
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    The ideal situation should be so after marriageI think most couple are like that to each other. The traditional " Ardhanareeswara ' concept supports that.
    I am not sure whether it is feasible in the modern times when people marry , divorce and remarry many times.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    Well, it goes without saying. None in your life comes so close to your personality as your wife or husband. That is the relationship that stays with you day on and day off, all through all of your joys and sorrows of your life.

    It is not only the question of old age or the need for care - the companionship shared between a husband and wife always remains unique and closest.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    Thaikku Pin Thaaram ( A Tamil saying). Thai means mother, pin means after, Thaaram means Wife. So, After the mother is the wife. Until one's marriage, mother is the closest person. After the marriage, the spouse is the closest person in our life. It is two souls conjoined to live as a single soul until death. No one can share the happiness and sorrow in their life other than the spouse.

    Also 'Kanavane Kann Kanda Deivam" (Husband is the visible God to any lady)
    Manaivi Amaivathellam Iraivan Kodutha Varam (Wife is God's gift)
    Kallanalum Kanavan, Pullanalum Purushan (Even if a stone is husband , it is her husband, even if it is a grass is husband, it is her husband) Kanavan & purushan means Husband.

    No life without Sun ¤

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    As previously human needs was food,clothes, shelter but now it has changed for the modern people, but who are having these necessary things their basic needs become love,sex,money.
    Similarly before marriage mom,friends might be our closest person, but after marriage as spouse are the person with whom we spend maximum time, so definitely he/she become the closest person. But it does not happen in every case.

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    Well no one can match the likes of better half and we are always comfortable with our life partner to share joy or sorrow as others wont have time to listen nor share with us. Moreover when we get older, it is the wife who takes care of us. Nor the children or the others in the house, it is the wife who asks for food, serve the food, serve with getting necessary things done. No matter she is fit or not , she always wants the husband to be fit and she even advises the children to care for the father first and then her. So having soft corner to our spouse is but natural and that should be.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Yes! Next to mothers definitely the role of a spouse is considered to be a bigger part in a person's life. Before marriage, each and every child will consider their parents as their best friend and will share their joys and sorrows. But after marriage each one is blessed with a partner to share their life space and almost all the couples are spending most of the time with their better half, apart from their working time and naturally the relationship becomes very stronger. A life partner is definitely equal to a mother, a father and also a good friend. Next to mothers, only a spouse can shower the same motherly love, care and affection. A mother will give birth to a child and will take care of her child for few years and after that it is the responsibility of the spouse to take care of the same child till the last breath of the child.

    Even the person is a male or a female that doesn't matter. A male can find next mother in the form of his wife and a female can find a good father in the form of her husband.

    Only a better half can make the next half of the life as the best one!

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