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    Kapil, Krishna or Sudesh : Who is your favorite standup comedian ?

    Standup comedy is a great talend that god gifts to some people and it is much more difficult to constantly manage your image inside the industry without making the viewers bored. As mentioned in the title, Kapil, Krishna and Sudesh are now renowned for their breathtaking performances and also their ability to make people laugh at their every childishness.

    So i am pulling out this thread to know who is your favorite among these three and what is the reason behind you being a fan of that particular person. I am a strong fan of sudesh and i love all the acts that he does on and of stage. So dont just think out and put your favorite one as response below. Thankyou.
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    I feel kapil is the best comedian. Krishna and sudesh have vulgarities in their comedy which we don't find much in kapil. Kapil is spontaneous in making comedy and he is different compared to these. His shows are the best compared to others also he will have uniqueness in comedies that he make. Krishna and sudesh will follow the same way. Suppose if Krishna dresses as a women for one comedy scene, the same type and same kind of language will be used in many of his other comedies. Kapil will have at least some variations. Kapil is always the best.

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    I am the ardent fan of Kapil Sharma and his natural comedy is very nice. His sense of humor is so great that he can spill you in comedy just by reading your name or getting something out of your name. He closely observes the body language, the dressing sense of other person and above all he is the great listener of audience. That is the reason being so at the drop of hat he could able to generate comedy naturally and people split into laughter. Krishna needs further more training to get in to that stature and Sudesh is altogether other breed of comedian.
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    I would vote for Kapil Sharma. He is natural and so cool! He has an innocence in his performance that makes him a part of our family. I don't miss any of his shows. I like Sudesh also but I do feel that he is in the wrong group (with krishna and team).
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    My favourite would be Kapil. Though I do not like him on a personal note, as a professional - he is a great comedian. He comes off quite naturally as far as his performances are concerned.

    Yes, I will need to give you a clarification about my dislike for him as a person. He is quite aggressive and hot headed. His mannerisms speak of a lot of the ego. It is evident from the spat he had with Sunil Grover (aka Gutthhi) and Colors channel.

    As for Krishna and Sudesh, I would say they are better comedians. But, I do not like the vulgarity they bring in their shows. The shows at times make it unsuitable for family viewing.

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    If comparison is about Kapil, Krishna and sudesh, I will go for Sudesh is better than both of them. Although now days Kapil sharma is highlighted due to his individual lead comedy show, but I can see there is huge opportunity available with Sudesh, where as Kapil sharma has some attitude problem, but Sudesh is very cool and make people laugh with every situation and dialogue.
    I also like kapil sharma and his shows but I believe this is just because of the colors production house and the media highlight, where as we had lot more comedian who were making better comedy with any kind of situation and presence mind during Laughter challenge show.

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    My choice is Kapil Sharma. He is a natural comedian and perhaps don't require any script to perform. The hallmark of the comic performances is said to be timing, which he has in abundance. I particularly like his character of Shamsher, the police inspector.
    Due to his popularity only, he has been nominated for the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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    I think sudesh is far better than kapil and krishna. Whenever sudesh acts , he always get into the character completely. This key quality i misses among both. He is really hard working person so i would like to vote for sudesh as best rather than kapil and krishna

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