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    Which pair have more jealousy and often gets converted into sibling rivelery?

    Often parents knowingly or unknowingly gives more attention, appriciation and pampering to one child among the two .
    This leads to feelings of sibling rivelery and jelousy among the siblings and parents not even realise it but these feelings shows their results at some point of life.

    Which pair do you think suffers these feelings most?
    Please answer considering a totally liberal family which doesnt follow any gender biases.
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    Generally, sibling rivalry (a term of high magnitude in my opinion) occurs when one is successful (in studies etc,.) than the other etc,. To children, parents may look like they love one child more than the other. But, that is not the case. Parents may suggest the not successful child to follow the other child in the opinion that both will be successful. Love of parents is equal to each child and doesn't depend on whether they are handsome/ugly, genius/non genius etc,. In my opinion, sibling rivalry is most in brother-brother case (I came across many such cases).

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    Answering this question is little difficult for me, as at my house me and my brother both get appreciated, as well as compared with each other at several works, as this happen most of the time, due to various types of work, some one is good in study, some is good in cleaning the room, some time I better behave with guest, some time my brother do something better than me, but still those issues never brings any jealous ness.
    Can not say that there is no rivary between siblings but it purely depend upon the parents how they are managing and educating their children about the behavior for each other.

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    The sibling rivalry in childhood and further till one gets married will be just temporary display of anger and throwing tantrums. Many times the reasons are out of perception and wrongly equating. As Swagatika has noted they ,"depend upon the parents how they are managing and educating their children about the behaviour for each other."..
    and properly and convincingly reasoning for the difference in treating or dealing with them.

    However the rivalry loses its logic and reason when the siblings get married and get carried away by the 'promptings' of their spouse. The latter situation is seen more. Many siblings who were almost like one heart and two bodies in childhood have been seen changed to become professed enemies and no even seeing eye to eye. They do not even like to cross each other on a public road. Then the reasons are more out of greed and materialistic aspirations. There is not much gender difference in this regard.

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    The brother-sister combination in which the brother is the elder child, is likely to have more so called 'sibling rivalry'. The first child always gets more attention, care, love, affection and pampering than the second one. The girl child being the second one is likely to get one more family member in the form of her elder brother to pamper her.
    Generally brothers don't bother or feel much about the differences in the parents love and affection etc. It is the sister who wishes to grab full attention to herself only and feels like being discriminated in getting love and affection etc. from the parents.
    As a matter of fact the sibling rivalry etc. is more like an illusion than the reality. The parents generally never discriminate between their children.
    The situation differs a bit in case in the brother-sister combination, the sister is the elder one. In such a scenario, she being the elder child is likely to be limelight and is likely to behave as elder and thus have lesser or no feeling of sibling rivalry etc.

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    Whrn their are situations where one vhild have extra ordinary skills and knowledge and hence get much more attention and revognition by parents as well as society.
    In such cases whivh pair do you think suffers these feelings more?

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